Cute Printable Notebook Paper

Free lined paper printable that you can download in any color and in different formats. You can even add a photo or border.

lined paper

Printable lined paper

We offer a selection of free printable lined paper to meet any need in either US letter (8.5”x11”) or A4 size. You can either select any lined paper to print as is or you can change the number of lines or the color of the lines. Print the paper on standard white paper or on any other colored paper.

You can also add text and/or a photo to the lined paper background.

We also offer a free printable paper ruler.

lined paper

There are three main types of blank lined paper.

Wide Ruled Paper

Wide ruled paper has wide spaces (8.7mm or more) between the horizontal lines. This is the most common paper used in elementary schools. It is ideal to make printable lined paper for kids in kindergarten, first grade, second and third grade. Younger kids usually have bigger handwriting, so they need wider spaces between the lines. This is also used to make lined writing paper when you make your own DIY stationery paper.

There are usually 27 lines on wide-ruled paper. You can open this paper in Microsoft Word, as a typeable PDF file or an image.

If you would like more options then see our paper maker app. You can change the color of the lines, add a border, add as many lines as you want and you can add images and photos.

Medium Ruled Paper (College Ruled Paper)

We offer free printable college ruled paper in any color or size.

College ruled paper has slightly narrower gaps (7.1 mm) than wide-ruled paper. This paper is usually used by older students since their handwriting is smaller than that of younger kids. The vertical margin is about 1.25” or 32 mm from the left-hand edge of the page.

This free lined paper is perfect for college use, studying, taking notes, or writing down ideas. Select the lined paper with or without a margin and select the color of the lines. You are free to punch holes according to your binder or leave the page without holes if you are not going to insert the pages into a binder. The paper is available in three colors, however, if you use our paper maker app, you can select any color.

Blue lines – blue lines with a red margin. This red and blue lined handwriting paper printable is the most popular version.

Black lined paper – with black horizontal lines and a red margin.

Gray lines with a red margin.

Colored lined paper – there are two ways to make colored paper. You can print the line template on colored paper or you can use our colored version which prints any colored background on white paper. You can choose any color for the background.

How many lines are on college-ruled paper? There are usually 33 lines on college-ruled lined paper.

If you would like more options then see our paper maker app. You can change the color of the lines, add as many lines as you want, add a frame, images, and photos.

Narrow Ruled Sheets

College Ruled vs Wide Ruled vs Narrow Ruled

College ruled is the most common paper with wider gaps between the lines than narrow-ruled but narrower than wide-ruled.

This choice between them depends on the size of your handwriting and however many lines you want on a page. The narrow-ruled will have more lines and the wide-ruled will have fewer lines. Narrow-ruled is only suitable for small handwriting whereas wide-ruled is suitable for big handwriting.

Printable Paper for Planners

printable paper

We offer free printable paper for planners. Not sure what size you need? See planner sizes.

Happy Planner – Big Size (use any of the templates on this page as they are all compatible)

Classic Happy Planner – Black | Blue | Gray

Half Size Planner – Black | Blue | Gray

We also offer free printable dot grid paper for planners.

Dotted Lined Paper

We also have free printable dot grid paper.

Typeable Lined Paper PDF

lined paper pdf

We also offer free lined paper that you can type on. It is in PDF format but you only need a PDF reader to type on it. Most computers already have a PDF reader installed. If you don’t have one you can download Adobe Reader. You will need this software to open any PDF document no matter where it is from.

To open the typeable or printable lined paper PDF, scroll above to see the various options available. Once you have found the format you like, click on “Typeable PDF”. This will open lined paper filetype PDF. It is not just a PDF of lined paper. It has been formatted so that the lines are typeable.

Lined Paper Maker

Paper with lines doesn’t have to be boring! With our free online paper maker, you can make any lined paper you want. You can choose how many lines per page, what color the lines will be, and whether it will have a margin or not. You can also print on white or colored paper. You can edit the vertical lines. For example, you can have one red vertical line or two. You can change the color or the width of the vertical line.

You can choose any border and any color for the border.

Lined paper with a frame

If you add text, then you can change the font and the font size but you will need to drag each line to the correct location. If you want to type on each line, then you might prefer the “fillable PDF” version that will allow you to type text on the lines.

How to create printable lined paper

  1. Open the printable paper maker (see button above). Select the size that you want (A4 or US letter).
  2. Select any paper template with or without a margin.
  3. Select a color (blue, black, or gray). You can also change the color.
  4. Select the number of lines per sheet.
  5. Add a border.
  6. Go to change color and select the color of the border. You can select any color.

How to change the color of the lines

You can either select one of three ready-made colors (black, gray, or blue) or you can change the color of the lines yourself. For example, let’s create green and white printer paper. Select the size that you want (A4 or US letter) and then select the version without a margin. Select the number of lines per sheet. Click on the sheet and then click on the little black box under the sheet. Select the shade of green that you want (you can select any color you want). Your green lined paper is ready!

How to download printable lined paper pdf format

You can download a PDF of lined paper for each of the templates above.

  1. To download the ruled paper in PDF format, follow the instructions above.
  2. When you have selected the paper that you want, click on download.
  3. Select PDF.
  4. You can also select the ready-made paper templates that are available in PDF or Word format.

Lined notebook paper

You can print the paper in any size if you need to. Use your printer to set the size. You can have the pages bound to create a notebook. You might also want to create a notebook cover.

How to print the paper

You can either print pages upon demand or you can print many copies of the printable notebook paper to create a DIY notebook. You can insert the pages into a binder or have them bound.

When you print, make sure you select your paper size and check that the page orientation is set to portrait or landscape (depending on the lined paper template you selected).

If you want blank lined paper then print the paper as-is. If you want to type on the paper then select the Word version or the PDF version and type before you print. The lined papers PDF format are typeable. You do not need special software to type on them (besides PDF reader which you need to open any PDF document).

Lined paper template Word

Many of the paper formats above have a Word version. Here are some additional paper templates with 30 to 34 lines per page.

How to type on the paper

Sometimes, you might want to type on the printable lined notebook paper before you print it. This is useful for homework, assignments, essay writing, etc.

The easiest way to do this is to select a template that has a “fillable PDF” option. Look at the options above to find the type of template that is in the format that you require. Most of the pages are available in different colors. Download the sheet and open it. Start typing. You don’t need any special software to type on the entire sheet.

You will only be able to type text. Therefore, if you need to add a sketch, then simply leave space and add it after you print the page.

Stationery Paper with Lines

You can make personalized lined writing paper with our free online app. Select any blank lined paper printable template and add your text and/or images. You can add your name and address, your logo or monogram, or any pretty image.

US LetterUS Letter A4 SizeUS Letter

Add a title or text to your paper

  1. Follow the steps above and select any blank writing paper template.
  2. Click on “add text”.
  3. You can add text before you print.

How to add a photo or clipart

On top of the paper
  1. Follow the steps above and then click on “add image”.
  2. You can add text before you print.
Add a photo or clipart to the background

You can make free printable writing paper with a photo in the background.

  1. Follow the steps above and then click on “add image”.
  2. Select the image that you would like to appear behind the lines.
  3. Drag it to wherever you would like it to appear.
  4. This is a perfect way to create custom lined stationery. If you save the writing paper template, you can access it again in the future and add a new image each time you use it.

Lined paper for kids

We have many different versions of lined paper with 21 to 30 lines per page. For kids, we suggest that you select a lined sheet of paper with 21 lines per sheet. Children’s handwriting tends to be larger and therefore they need larger spaces between each line. Lined writing paper for kids can be made with or without a margin.

Kindergarten Lined Paper

Dotted lined paper is helpful when learning to write. It is often used in preschools and kindergartens. This lined writing paper for kindergarten is available in three colors:

The preschool lined paper has a watermark on the image version, but the Word and PDF versions do not have a watermark on them. You are free to use them in schools or at home.

If you are looking for different types of paper, then see Graph Paper and Dotted Paper or Cornell Notes Templates