Density of Paper

Types of Paper

Papers come in various types, distinguished by their weight. Before being sold to customers, papers are cut into different sizes and their weight is measured by the ream, which is a bundle of 500 sheets.

Density of Paper or Thickness of Paper

The density or thickness of paper is measured in grams per cubic meter. Tissue paper has a density of around 250 kg/m3, while certain specialty papers can have a density of up to 1500 kg/m3. Printing paper typically has a density of around 800 kg/m3.

Different Types of Papers

Here are some examples of paper types:

  • Bank Paper
  • Bond Paper
  • Book Paper
  • Cotton Paper
  • Electronic Paper
  • Fish Paper
  • Inkjet Paper
  • Kraft Paper
  • Paper Towels
  • Wallpapers
  • Wax Paper

Let’s take a closer look at a few of these papers.

Bank Paper

Bank paper refers to thin, durable writing paper that weighs less than 50g/m2. It is commonly used for typewriting and correspondence.

Bond Paper

Bond paper is a high-quality, sturdy writing paper similar to bank paper but with a weight greater than 50g/m2. It is used for letterheads, electronic printers, and other stationery. Bond paper is made from rag pulp, which produces a stronger paper compared to wood pulp.

Book Paper

Book paper is specially designed for the printing of books. These papers are usually off-white or low in whiteness to enhance readability. They are also opaque to minimize text show-through from one page to another. Book papers are typically lightweight and made with a tighter caliper, especially for case-bound books.

Cotton Paper

Cotton paper is made from 100% cotton fibers and offers superior durability and strength compared to wood-pulp papers. Unlike wood-pulp papers, cotton fiber papers have a minimal acid concentration, allowing them to last for hundreds of years without discoloration, fading, or decay. They are often used for important documents.

Inkjet Paper

Inkjet paper is specifically designed for inkjet printers and is classified by brightness, smoothness, and weight.

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is typically brown in color but can be bleached to produce white paper. It is made from wood pulp and commonly used for paper grocery bags, multiwall sacks, and other packaging purposes.

Paper Towels

Paper towels are disposable products used for drying hands, wiping windows, and dusting. They serve similar purposes as conventional towels but are meant to be disposed of after use.


Wallpaper is used to decorate interiors, including the walls of homes, offices, restaurants, shops, and other buildings.

Wax Paper

Wax paper is moisture-proof thanks to the application of wax. It is commonly used in cooking and for wrapping food for storage. It can keep water out or in and is also utilized in various crafts and arts.

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