High Security Check Paper: Ensuring Maximum Protection for Your Checks

As technology advances, it’s crucial to stay one step ahead of potential threats to your financial security. That’s why at Quill And Fox, we offer a range of high-security laser checks that provide the utmost protection for your transactions. Let’s explore the key security features that make our check paper stand out from the rest.

Unparalleled Security Features

Anti-Photocopying Dot Pattern

One of the standout features of our high-security checks is the ingenious anti-photocopying dot pattern. This pattern uses a series of dots strategically placed to prevent copiers from reproducing the check face image accurately. Your check’s integrity remains intact, safeguarding it against unauthorized duplication.

Chemical Reactive Paper — Primary and Extended

Our uniquely treated paper is a game-changer when it comes to tamper detection. Chemical reactive properties embedded in the paper reveal visible signs of tampering attempts. You can rest easy knowing that any fraudulent activity will be easily identifiable.

Chemical Wash Detection Box

To further fortify our checks against chemical tampering, we have added a distinctive white area on the check backer. This cleverly designed box immediately exposes any potential tampering, ensuring your financial security remains intact.

Colored Pantograph

Authenticity is crucial, which is why our high-security checks feature a colored pantograph. Without this unique colored background, the document is immediately flagged as counterfeit, ensuring that only genuine checks enter circulation.

Controlled Paper Stock

Your peace of mind is our top priority, and that’s why we utilize controlled paper stock. This not only guarantees the security of your checks but also protects the paper supply itself at every production stage. With our high standards, you can trust that your checks are of the utmost quality.

Erasure Protection

Tampering with printed information is a common tactic used by fraudsters, but not with our high-security checks. The moment any tampering is attempted, the background color disappears, revealing a stark white mark that unequivocally exposes any unauthorized alteration.

Foil Hologram

We go the extra mile to protect your checks from duplication. Each high-security check is embedded with a visually stunning three-dimensional foil hologram. This additional layer of protection ensures that your checks cannot be easily replicated.

Fugitive Ink

Our checks utilize an extraordinary ink that is highly sensitive to chemical alterations. This fugitive ink reacts when someone attempts to chemically modify the check backer, leaving an unmistakable mark that serves as evidence of tampering.

High-Resolution Intricate Border

To combat counterfeiting attempts, our checks boast a uniquely designed border that is challenging to replicate. The intricate border not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your checks but also distorts when copied, providing an unmistakable indication of counterfeit activity.

Invisible Fluorescent Fibers

Adding another layer of authenticity verification, our high-security checks incorporate invisible fluorescent fibers. These fibers are only visible when examined under black (UV) light, guaranteeing the authenticity of your documents.


With the addition of microprinting, you can rest assured that your checks are highly secure. Our checks feature microprinted signatures, lines, borders, and backers. When viewed under magnification, these minute details offer undeniable proof of authenticity.

Mobile Mark

For added convenience and security, we have incorporated a mobile mark checkbox on the check backer. This feature allows account holders to easily track checks deposited via mobile capture, minimizing the risk of unintended duplicate deposits.

Padlock Icon

The padlock icon on our high-security checks serves as a visible symbol of our commitment to exceeding industry guidelines. Rest easy knowing that your checks are compliant with the highest security standards.

Prismatic Multicolored Background

Copying and reproducing our checks is an arduous task due to the prismatic multicolored background. The subtle graduations and multidimensional hues create formidable obstacles for counterfeiters, safeguarding your financial transactions.

Secure Document

Our checks are aptly named “Secure Document” for a reason. We have taken extensive measures to make replication virtually impossible, ensuring that your checks are protected from unauthorized duplication.

Security Screen Backer

To combat traditional copying and scanning methods, our checks feature a clever security screen backer. This backer includes the words “Original Document” which fade, distort, or disappear if any unauthorized copying or scanning attempts are made.

Security Weave

Counterfeiters will find it challenging to replicate or copy our checks, thanks to our intricate patented security weave design on the back. This anti-counterfeiting measure provides an added layer of protection for your financial transactions.

Thermochromic Heat-sensitive Icon

To ensure the authenticity of our checks, we employ thermochromic ink that cannot be applied by conventional photocopiers. This heat-sensitive ink reacts to temperature changes, providing undeniable evidence of your check’s authenticity.

Toner Adhesion

We understand the importance of protecting your checks from fraudsters attempting to remove toner ink. With our toner adhesion technology, you can be confident that toner applied by your printer will permanently adhere to the paper, deterring any attempts to alter or tamper with the check.

True Watermark

Our high-security checks feature a distinctive true watermark that is visible under reflected and transmitted light. This distinctive mark sets our checks apart, adding an extra layer of authentication that cannot be replicated through scanning or copying.

UV Dull Paper

To help you distinguish between traditional copy paper and your original checks, we utilize UV dull paper. This specially designed paper allows for easy visual comparison, ensuring that your checks are genuine and not counterfeit.

Visible Fibers

Creating an added hurdle for potential counterfeiters, our checks incorporate random fibers of varying lengths and colors. These fibers are visible on both sides of the paper, making copying and duplication nearly impossible.

Void Indication

Embedded within the paper itself, our checks contain special screens and background designs. When photocopied, the word “Void” becomes prominently visible, serving as a clear indicator of counterfeit activity.

Warning Band

To assist quick and reliable verification of your checks’ authenticity, we have included a warning band on the face of each check. This band explicitly calls out specific security features, ensuring that recipients can easily validate the check’s legitimacy.

Warning Box

Our high-security checks also feature a comprehensive warning box on the back, listing an extensive array of security features. Recipients are advised to validate these features before cashing the checks, adding an extra layer of security to your financial transactions.

Trust Quill And Fox for Unmatched Security

At Quill And Fox, we prioritize your financial security. Our high-security check paper offers an exceptional level of protection against unauthorized duplication, tampering, and counterfeiting. When you choose Quill And Fox, you’re choosing peace of mind. Safeguard your finances with our top-quality high-security checks. Visit us at Quill And Fox to find out more.