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Looking for lovely printable paper craft templates that you can easily turn into gorgeous decorative elements, cute figures or useful objects? You’re in the right place! Below, you’ll find a prime selection of paper craft packs and ideas including ready-to-use 3D templates, cone shape characters and resources the wee ones can even colour themselves.

Raise children’s inner artist, keep them creatively engaged, improve their fine motor and concentration skills; all while they have fun and learn about various topics.

Here’s our list of templates to create flowers, animals, vehicles and more while you take children to space, to the sea, to Ancient Egypt or the zoo. They will all make fantastic craft activities for kids for every season, holiday, topic; or simply for brightening up a rainy afternoon.

Animals Paper Craft Templates

  1. Origami Craft Resource PackFrom animals through a spaceship to a vintage car, this rich pack of 15 different paper and origami craft templates gives you more than enough choices to get started.origami craft resource pack
  2. Under the Sea Paper Model PackDiscover the wonders of the sea with this lovely pack! Make a scary shark, an adorable octopus or an angry turtle with the kids and play something fun with the figures.under the sea paper models
  3. Woodland Animals Paper Craft TemplatesTake children to the forest, even if the weather is ugly. This lovely pack of woodland animal paper templates will allow you to make an owl, a squirrel and a hedgehog. What a great autumn craft idea!Woodland Animals Craft Pack
  4. Animal-Themed 3D Shape NetsIt’s time to visit the animals of the grassland! With only a couple of super easy steps, you can create a cute lion, an elephant, a leopard and a hippo. Which one will the wee ones choose?animal themed 3d shapes
  5. Shape Throwing Birds Craft PackIntroduce children to various shapes while you work on colourful birds together. Once the birds are ready, the wee ones can play with them; they’ll keep their shape.Birds Paper Craft Templates
  6. Parrot Paper ModelMake the picture complete with this cute parrot template that’ll add to any pirate outfits children can use when they look for hidden treasures in the classroom or at home.Parrot Paper Craft Template
  7. Simple 3D Octopus Paper TemplateTeach children about one of the most intelligent animals on the planet with this multipurpose paper craft template. You can download it both in a colourful and a blank version; the latter will make an additional colouring activity for the little ones.Octopus Paper Craft Template
  8. 3D Dinosaurs Paper Craft PackOr travel back in time; 65 million years to be precise. Make colourful dinosaurs and while children are busy with crafting them, you can tell fun facts about these magical creatures that once ruled our Earth.Dinosaurs Paper Craft Templates
  9. Woodland Animals Desk Tidies PackHere’s another selection of templates that will come in handy. Help children make a badger, a fox or a hedgehog that can hold pens and pencils! Which one will they choose to create?Woodland Animals Tidies Craft Pack

Buildings & Vehicles Paper Craft Templates

  1. 3D Buildings – People Who Help UsWhen teaching kids who they can turn to in case they need some help, this pack of paper craft buildings will come in handy. Work together on a fire station, a hospital or a police station; you can also discuss which one is responsible for what type of emergencies.3D buildings help
  2. London Paper Model PackGo on a sightseeing tour and see what London has to offer from your classroom! This rich pack has printable paper craft templates of a number of famous buildings, from Buckingham Palace to the Tower Bridge, and characteristic objects like the red phone booth.London Paper Model Pack
  3. Vintage Cars Paper ModelsGather around car fans! This lovely pack features multiple templates of vintage cars. Can children name any of them? Do they know what period they’re from? Or what vintage means for that matter.Vintage Cars Paper Craft Templates
  4. Aeroplane Paper ModelConquer the sky with a proper aeroplane! Once children know how to fold a simple one quickly, it’s time they learn how to fold a more complicated one using a paper craft template.Aeroplane Paper Craft Template

Classroom Paper Craft Templates

  1. 3D Printable Cactus PackCacti are cute and lovely, but they’re not the friendliest plants; unless they’re made of paper! This great pack features a number of uniquely shaped cacti that will add a splash of colour to the window sills in no time.3D Cactus Craft Pack
  2. 3D Display Letters Paper ModelHelp children practise the ABC with a fun craft activity! This will reinforce letter formation in a new and original way. Have the wee ones make the letters before trying to put together simple words like ‘cat’ or ‘dog’.Paper Letters Pack
  3. 3D Paper Craft Pencil Gift BoxLooking to make something that children can use on a daily basis? Try this pencil gift box paper craft template that’ll be handy for keeping pencils in it. The wee ones can even write their name on the template before building the box to avoid mixing them up.Paper Pencil Gift Box Craft Template

Paper Craft Figures

  1. Ancient Rome Paper Craft TemplatesSupport children in imagining a world with gladiators and soldiers from thousands of years before. Create paper craft figures that the wee ones can also use in various role-play scenarios when it comes to discussing ancient Rome.Ancient Rome Paper Craft Pack
  2. Egyptian Mummy Paper Model PackIs anyone planning to be an archaeologist? They’ll simply love this pack of mummy paper craft templates that is also useful to teach children about the process of mummification and why the ancient Egyptians used it.Egyptian Mummy Paper Craft Pack
  3. Pirate Hat Craft TemplateAhoy-ahoy! Turn children into wee pirates with this realistic hat paper craft template that’ll be a great addition to any pirate-themed lessons or play-time activities.Pirate Hat Paper Craft Template
  4. Superhero Desk Buddies Paper Craft PackDo we have superhero fans in the audience? The wee ones will be able to create their favourite characters alongside some other famous figures from the fantasy and sci-fi world.Superhero Craft Pack

Holiday Paper Craft Templates

  1. Easter Bunnies Paper Craft TemplatesIt’s time we look at paper craft ideas for events! These cute bunnies will make lovely decorations, but you can also hide them for a fun Easter bunny hunt activity.Bunnies Paper Craft Template
  2. Egg Holding Chicken Paper ModelOr stick to chickens and use these templates to create adorable paper holders that are perfect for smaller Easter eggs.Egg Holding Chicken Template
  3. Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Paper Craft TemplatesExplore the exciting and gorgeous traditions of the Day of the Dead with a handy craft activity. Children can fold a colourful template or spend some time colouring a blank one to their liking. Either way, the skulls will look beautiful in the room.Day of the Dead Skull Paper Craft Templa
  4. Halloween Cone CharactersTry one of the simplest paper craft activities with this paper cone pack. Have children make a wolf, a ghost, a vampire, a mummy, a witch or a monster and put on a show using these.Halloween Cone Characters
  5. Dragon Paper Craft TemplateGet ready for Chinese New Year with a stunning paper dragon! This template will help you and the wee ones create a full creature using paper rings as its body.Dragon Paper Craft Template
  6. Zoo Cone AnimalsCelebrate Earth Day with fantastic animal craft templates; it’s time children open their very own zoos! No matter if they like big cats, prefer birds or are more excited about snakes, this rich pack will offer something for everyone.Zoo Cone Animals Craft Pack
  7. Gingerbread House Paper Craft TemplateMake your Christmas decoration unique with this beautiful printable template; this gingerbread house will be a true centrepiece in the room. You can even cut the door open and put things inside it.Gingerbread House Paper Craft
  8. Christmas Craft PackReady for an amazing selection of Christmas paper decoration ideas and templates? Browse this pack that features over 25 paper craft templates you can try to make the holidays even jollier with children.Christmas Craft Pack
  9. Traditional Tales Cone Characters PackDo something different for this year’s Scottish Storytelling Festival and download these lovely paper craft cone templates that showcase famous characters of well-known tales.Traditional Tales Cone Characters
  10. Mother’s Day 3D Flower Craft TemplateIf children would like to give something lasting to their mum, a paper flower is a go-to idea. This beautiful 3D paper craft template will guide the wee ones through the process of creating a lovely flower.Mother
  11. Father’s Day 3D Trophy Paper ModelDon’t forget about all the dads, either! This nice trophy will make a thoughtful gift to the fathers; one that’s also easy to put together for children.Father

Use these printable paper craft templates for all seasons, events, topics and subjects you’d like to celebrate or cover with children while doing something creative and fun.