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Paper Girls is an iconic series from Image Comics that has captivated fans and critics alike. With stunning artwork by Cliff Chiang and Matt Wilson, and masterful storytelling by Brian K Vaughan, it’s no surprise that the series is being adapted into a television show by Amazon Prime Video. If you’re interested in diving into the world of Paper Girls, this guide will steer you in the right direction.

What is Paper Girls about?

Set in 1988, the story follows four 12-year-old newspaper delivery girls who encounter strange phenomena during their early morning routes. As the series progresses, they find themselves entangled in a thrilling adventure involving time travel and a grand conflict. But Paper Girls is not only about the adventure; it’s equally about how these experiences shape the girls’ lives, making it a compelling coming-of-age tale.

Why you should read Paper Girls

Besides its intriguing premise, there are many other reasons to pick up Paper Girls. One of the highlights is the exceptional character development. Throughout the series, Erin, MacKenzie, KJ, and Tiffany undergo significant growth and self-discovery. Their time-traveling escapades make them see themselves in new lights, transforming them into more complex and layered individuals.

Brian K Vaughan keeps readers on their toes with his masterful storytelling. He presents a myriad of bizarre concepts, gradually unveiling the answers, ensuring a satisfying and unpredictable reading experience. Expect plenty of twists and turns that will keep you engaged from start to finish.

Moreover, the combination of Cliff Chiang’s bold and expressive artwork, along with Matt Wilson’s vibrant and otherworldly colors, creates a visual feast for readers. From quiet moments to explosive action, Chiang and Wilson capture it all, immersing you in the diverse settings and moods of the story.

Where is the best place to start reading Paper Girls?

If you’re new to Paper Girls, the best starting point is the very beginning—Paper Girls #1. The series is meticulously plotted with six story arcs that weave together into a larger narrative. By starting from the beginning, you’ll fully comprehend the overarching plot and witness the characters’ growth as they navigate through their experiences. You can even read Paper Girls #1 for free on the Image Comics website, allowing you to sample the series before diving deeper.

How to read all of Paper Girls

So, you’ve read Paper Girls #1 and are hungry for more. There are several ways to continue your Paper Girls journey, depending on your preferred format.

Single issues

Paper Girls was initially released as 30 single issues between 2015 and 2019. Each issue showcases the thrilling story and also includes a letters column, providing a sense of community and involvement. You can find these single issues on eBay or at your local comic book shop. If you prefer a digital reading experience, they are also available on Amazon Kindle.

Trade paperback collections

For those who enjoy reading in trade paperback format, Paper Girls has been collected into six volumes. Each volume collects several issues, allowing you to immerse yourself in a significant portion of the story. Here are the volumes and the issues they contain:

  • Paper Girls Volume 1 collects issues #1-5
  • Paper Girls Volume 2 collects issues #6-10
  • Paper Girls Volume 3 collects issues #11-15
  • Paper Girls Volume 4 collects issues #16-20
  • Paper Girls Volume 5 collects issues #21-25
  • Paper Girls Volume 6 collects issues #26-30

You can purchase these trade paperbacks at various retailers.

Deluxe hardcovers

If you’re looking for a visually striking edition to adorn your bookshelf, consider the three deluxe hardcover editions of Paper Girls. These oversized books collect the content of two trade paperbacks and include exclusive extras. Here are the deluxe editions available:

  • Paper Girls Deluxe Edition Book One collects issues #1-10
  • Paper Girls Deluxe Edition Book Two collects issues #11-20
  • Paper Girls Deluxe Edition Book Three collects issues #21-30

These deluxe editions offer a comprehensive and visually stunning reading experience.


For the ultimate completionist or avid fan, the omnibus edition is the way to go. It collects all 30 issues of Paper Girls in a single volume, allowing you to experience the entire story without any interruptions.

The omnibus edition, titled Paper Girls: The Complete Story, contains the entirety of the series from issue #1 to #30.

Where to find Paper Girls comics and collections

To get your hands on Paper Girls comics and collections, you can visit your local comic book shop, check online retailers, or explore eBay and Amazon/Kindle. Additionally, some libraries may have Paper Girls available in their collection, so you might find it there as well. Visit the Quill And Fox website to learn more.

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If you’re looking for more Paper Girls-related content, here are a couple of bonus links to explore:

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  • Cliff Chiang’s original Paper Girls art: While Cliff Chiang’s original art for Paper Girls has been sold, you can still enjoy browsing Felix Comic Art to see scans of the stunning artwork.

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