Songs That Celebrate the Power of Paper

Songs About Paper

Paper, a seemingly ordinary material, has inspired countless songs that delve into its profound symbolism. From representing love, money, and vulnerability to echoing the complexities of mental health, the lyrics in these songs interweave the essence of the human experience. Join us on a musical journey as we explore a collection of the best songs that celebrate the power of paper.

Love and Money

Christopher Martin – Paper Loving

Christopher Martin’s pop track, “Paper Loving,” exudes a fresh sound reminiscent of mid-00s hip-hop with a subtle reggae feel. The song tells the story of a love based on money rather than genuine affection. Martin poses the ultimatum to his materialistic girlfriend, asking her to choose between him and his fortune. With a catchy chorus that asserts, “If you can’t love me now, don’t love me later, when my later is much greater, it only proves that she loves the paper, my paper.”

M.I.A. – Paper Planes

M.I.A.’s hit song, “Paper Planes,” features an incredibly catchy chorus, but its deeper meaning often gets overlooked amidst its captivating cash machine samples and free-spirited harmony. The track explores the pursuit of financial gain while highlighting the American fear of immigration. M.I.A artfully employs paper as a symbol of both money and visa papers, challenging the negative stereotypes associated with immigrants. By singing, “All I wanna do is [gunshots, cash machine] and take your money,” M.I.A. subtly satirizes the unfair perception of immigrants as societal burdens rather than contributors.

Reflections and Desires

Egg – Passing Papers

Egg’s indie-pop track, “Passing Papers,” opens on a delightful note, posing the question, “Passing papers is a decent way to flirt, right?” This whimsical song explores the delicate dance around confessing a crush. Filled with the fluttering feeling of infatuation, “Passing Papers” is a beautifully crafted expression of the heart’s desires and the fear of vulnerability.

Linkin Park – Papercut

Linkin Park’s powerful hit, “Papercut,” delves into the depths of depressive paranoia and the struggles of navigating one’s own thoughts. Metaphorically titled, the song reveals the cumulative impact of countless perceived slights and anxieties on one’s mental well-being. Like a papercut, the smaller issues may seem insignificant, yet they collectively unravel the psyche, leading to a devastating breakdown. Through their impassioned lyrics, Linkin Park captures the raw emotions tied to this turbulent journey.

Fiona Apple – Paper Bag

Fiona Apple’s “Paper Bag” delves into the disillusionment that often arises when we discover the true nature of our love interests. Metaphorically, Apple likens this realization to the deflation experienced when the soaring hope of new love transforms into the banality of reality. Aptly describing the pivotal moment of disillusionment with the lyrics, “But then the dove of hope began its downward slope… I thought it was a bird, but it was just a paper bag,” Apple’s poignant words resonate with those who have experienced the disappointment that accompanies shattered illusions.

Allie X – Paper Love

Allie X’s captivating pop track, “Paper Love,” compares the fragile nature of love to the vulnerability of paper. The song highlights the transformative power of love, leaving indelible imprints on one’s heart. Allie X recognizes that this powerful force can both uplift and wound, portraying the bittersweet reality that love can tear us apart even as it brings us closer together. Through her lyrics, she poignantly captures the rollercoaster of emotions that accompany the passionate embrace of new romance.

Matilda Mann – Paper Mache World

Matilda Mann’s sweet and catchy indie track, “Paper Mache World,” explores the vulnerability inherent in love and the sense of longing that arises when communication falters. She portrays the disorienting feeling of being lost in a world that feels artificial and fragile, searching for her lover amidst the “paper mâché world.” Her heartfelt lyrics express the pain of waiting and the anguish caused by distance. Mann’s song resonates with anyone navigating the complexities of love and the yearning for connection.

Wiz Khalifa – Paperbond

Wiz Khalifa’s “Paperbond” offers a stoner anthem that effortlessly incorporates the concept of paper. The song alludes to both cash mountains and rolling papers, showcasing a luxurious lifestyle built on wealth. Khalifa paints a picture of opulence, proudly flaunting his riches with lyrics such as, “Now my watch is worth 20 thousand, got Cuban links and Italian, boy I’m getting’ it, riding in my ride, lookin’ filthy rich.” By subtly referencing planes, he evokes the metaphor of paper planes, symbolizing the freedom to travel in style. “Paperbond” is a track that celebrates the desire for boundless wealth and the trappings that accompany it.

Whether as a metaphor for love, money, vulnerability, or the complex intricacies of life, paper holds an undeniable place in music and the human experience. These songs, with their poetic lyrics and heartfelt melodies, capture the essence of our relationship with this seemingly simple material. So, sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the melodic celebration of the power of paper.

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