Craft Your Own Toilet Paper Doll: A Fun and Eco-Friendly Project

If you’re a fan of Frida Kahlo and looking for a creative and environmentally friendly craft activity, then this DIY Frida Kahlo Paper Doll made from recycled toilet paper rolls is perfect for you! Not only will it inspire children to recycle, but it will also engage them in a fun and educational project. Let’s dive into the world of art and recycling and create an amazing doll!

DIY Frida Kahlo Paper Doll

Supplies You’ll Need

To get started on this charming project, gather the following supplies:

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Colored craft papers
  • Scissors
  • X-acto knife
  • Ruler
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Marker

Download the Template

Before we begin, download the Frida Doll Pattern and print it out. Once you have the template, it’s time to get crafty!

How to Make Your Frida Kahlo Paper Doll

Step 1: Prepare the Patterns

Choose vibrant colored craft papers for the spiral patterns to create flowers, and use green craft papers for the leaves. Trace the hair pattern onto black paper and cut it out carefully. Next, cut out the head pattern on any colored paper that resembles the skin tone for the doll. Use scissors to cut out all the traced patterns.

Step 1 - DIY Frida Kahlo Paper Doll

Step 2: Craft the Flowers and Doll’s Head

Attach the hair pattern on top of the head pattern. To create flowers, use the spiral patterns by rolling them from the outer edge towards the center. Apply glue to the rolled part and join it with the center to make a beautiful flower.

Step 2 - DIY Frida Kahlo Paper Doll

Step 3: Complete the Doll Head Craft

Decorate the hair with the paper flowers and leaves. Use a black gel pen to carefully draw the eyes, nose, and mouth of the Frida Kahlo paper doll.

Step 3 - DIY Frida Kahlo Paper Doll

Step 4: Craft the Paper Dress (Skirt)

Trace and cut out the round patterns from the provided skirt template using different colored craft papers. Then, create accordion folds on the round cutouts.

Recycled Frida Kahlo Doll: Let's Recycle Toilet Paper Rolls

Step 5: Prepare the Doll’s Body

For the doll’s body, use a cardboard roll or tissue paper tube. Trace and cut out the cone template on brown cardstock paper (or the same color as the cardboard tube). This cone will be the upper body (shoulder) of the doll.

Step 6 - DIY Frida Kahlo Paper Doll

Step 6: Craft the Doll’s Body

Attach the cone pattern to the top side of the cardboard tube. Then, make a 1 cm deep slit on the top end of the cone.

Step 7 - DIY Frida Kahlo Paper Doll

Step 7: Dress Up!

Insert the accordion folded paper skirts through the cardboard tube, one by one. Use glue to fix their positions inside the tube.

Step 8 - DIY Frida Kahlo Paper Doll

Step 8: Almost Done!

Insert the neck side of the doll’s head through the slit of the cone. Wrap a paper around the top body part of the doll like a scarf, and feel free to add embellishments to decorate the doll according to your preferences.

DIY Frida Kahlo Paper Doll

Step 9: Completing the Doll Craft

For an extra touch of elegance, I added triangle earrings cut out from golden glitter papers and a paper flower on the doll’s scarf. Of course, you can let your creativity soar and add more details and embellishments if you’d like!

Wasn’t that fun? I hope you enjoy making this craft and discover even more beautiful, colorful, and fun patterns along the way!

Frida Doll Paper