Vellum Paper Invitations: Elevate Your Wedding with Elegance

How Paperlust Creates Exquisite Vellum Wedding Invitations

At Quill And Fox, we believe in personalization. That’s why we use vellum for our wedding invitations, giving you the opportunity to create a truly unique and modern invitation for your special day. Our translucent wedding invitations can be utilized in various ways, adding a touch of sophistication to your event.

Stunning Vellum Overlay Wedding Invitations by Quill And Fox

Our combination invitations are a true embodiment of luxury. Each set consists of two cards: a base card made from high-quality paper stocks like Matte, Linen, or Cotton, and a delicate vellum overlay. The overlay can be printed on and even embellished with foil. Both the vellum overlay and the underlying card are delicately connected using a gold pin provided by Quill And Fox.

During the customization process, you will have the opportunity to personalize each card individually. Look out for the designs with cardstock beneath them in the renders above.

Luxurious Vellum Paper for Exquisite Wedding Invitations

Quill And Fox also offers a range of designs printed directly onto our deluxe vellum paper. These invitations can be easily distinguished by their elegant simplicity without any additional design behind them. With this option, you can let the subtle beauty of vellum speak for itself.

Enhance Your Invitations with Foil Vellum Wedding Invitations

For those seeking a touch of opulence, our foil vellum wedding invitations are perfect. Quill And Fox offers an extensive range of foil options, including Gold, Rose Gold, and more. These foil accents are applied to the printed vellum layer, adding a breathtaking sparkle to your invitations. If you have a specific foil color in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Live Chat or Support team. We are always happy to discuss and accommodate your requests.

Discover the Magic of Vellum Invitations

Vellum invitations are captivating in their transparency, reflecting honesty and casting a dreamy glow on your wedding celebrations. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing translucent wedding invitations with a vellum overlay. Imagine a photo overlaid with a vellum sheet, displaying all the text for your invitation. Or consider layered wedding invitations featuring a watercolor artwork of your venue paired with elegant calligraphy. Vellum invitations add an extra layer of luxury to your wedding, and you can elevate them even further by incorporating a ribbon or your own personalized wax stamp.

Embrace the Modern Charm of Vellum Wedding Invitations

While DIY vellum invitations are possible, it’s important to consider the costs and time involved before embarking on a hands-on project. Vellum paper can be expensive for personal use. However, you don’t have to compromise on your dream invitations. Quill And Fox offers customizable vellum paper wedding invitations that allow you to achieve the same level of beauty without the DIY hassle. Our vellum invitations perfectly complement modern, elegant, vintage, and various other wedding styles.

Visit Quill And Fox to explore our exquisite collection of vellum wedding invitations and make a lasting impression on your guests.