antique bedroom furniture 1920

Antique bedroom furniture 1920 – All You Need To Know

If you are looking for antique bedroom furniture that dates back to the 1920’s, there are several styles that you can consider. These styles range from Art Deco to Naturalistic to Renaissance Revival and Empire. Each has its own characteristics that make them a unique purchase. Here are some examples of what these styles look like and what to look for.

Art Deco

A piece of Art Deco antique bedroom furniture 1920 can be a gorgeous addition to your bedroom. Traditionally made of pale or dark wood with contrasting upholstery, Art Deco furniture has a sophisticated look. Dressing tables and bureaus typically feature a geometric shape and polished surface. Lighting is usually provided by a combination of wall sconces and standard lamps. It’s easy to find beautiful pieces of Art Deco furniture today. Mirrored dressing tables are a popular choice, and the style is seeing a resurgence with Upcycling.

antique bedroom furniture 1920

Art Deco furniture is often made with veneer work. Since wood veneers are more easily damaged than the primary wood, repairing or refinishing a piece of Art Deco furniture is difficult. While some people have the time to reattach old veneers, they’re unlikely to get exact matches. As a result, repairing and refinishing art deco antique bedroom furniture isn’t a DIY project.

Early pieces of Art Deco furniture were expensive and luxurious, and were typically made of rich, hard woods. Veneers were thin layers of wood used for surfaces. A major influencer in the creation of art deco furniture was Donald Deskey, who designed the interior of Radio City Music Hall. In addition to Deskey, other art deco designers of the 1920s included Gilbert Rohde, Warren McArthur, Kem Weber, and Wolfgang Hoffman.


If you are looking for a naturalistic antique bedroom furniture 1920, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before purchasing one. The first thing that you need to know is the size of the bed frame. Most antique beds are only three-quarters of a full mattress width. This means that you will need to buy a mattress that fits within the 3/4 frame.

Renaissance Revival

The Renaissance Revival style was popular in the United States during the Victorian era. The style is characterized by rectilinear shapes, Neoclassical motifs, and elaborate decoration, often without any structural purpose. Furniture made in this style typically features inlaid panels, marquetry patterns, and carvings. It is also very popular for use in classically inspired homes and Italianate villas.

antique bedroom furniture 1920

Various manufacturers created furniture during this period, including craftsmen and large Midwestern factories. New York shops produced furniture that was full of elaborate inlays and intricate detail, while factories in the Midwest produced pieces with cut and turned elements. These pieces were based on the Renaissance Revival style’s foundation of rectangular shapes and prominent motifs. They were often made of walnut or light wood.

These styles are a combination of traditional and contemporary styles. Furniture makers from the Widdicomb Furniture Company produced many pieces during this period, but they stopped making pieces in these styles in 1938. The company also sold streamlined Art Deco suites in white harewood, which is a veneer that is usually Sycamore.

French provincial

The French Provincial style is a mixture of elegance and rustic French countryside influences. It adds refinement and warmth to any room. Antique furniture of this style can range in price from $165 to $227,377. Here are some characteristics of this style. And if you love the French style, you can find the perfect antique bedroom furniture set to suit your taste.


If you are planning to buy antique bedroom furniture, walnut is an excellent choice. Typically, walnut furniture from the 1920s sells for $68 on the low end and $117,694 on the high end. These pieces are beautiful and a good investment. Antique bedroom furniture made from walnut can also be found in modern homes.

antique bedroom furniture 1920

Piano lacquer

Modern pianos are often finished with nitrocellulose lacquer, a type of polymer that dries quickly and is highly chemical resistant. The finish is typically rubbed to a satin gloss, but there are options for high polish finishes as well. This finish was first commercialized in the 1920s and is considered the highest quality finish. It can be removed with acetone or lacquer thinner.

The finishes on pianos of this period are extremely durable. Often the finish is made with a combination of black and gold. This combination of finishes produces a high level of luster and chemical resistance. These finishes can also withstand extensive checking without fading. However, the finishing process is still lengthy and requires skilled craftsmen.

This chest features gold painted scenes over black lacquer. It has bracket feet and stands 162 cm high. The cabinet features figures in a traditional garden scene. It has a carved frame.


This set of antique bedroom furniture features a queen or king-sized bed, a dresser with mirror, and a tall chest. It has a silver gray hand painted finish and clear varnish to preserve the carved details. This is a fine example of antique bedroom furniture made in the United States. The bed measures 57″ wide by 81″ long, with a 48-inch-high headboard and a 26-inch-high curved footboard.

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