Brown Paper Bag Snowflakes

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The first time I laid eyes on those impressive 3-D snowflakes made from brown paper bags, I couldn’t believe they would actually work. But I had to give it a shot, and guess what? They do work! And they’re surprisingly easy to make.

These big paper bag snowflakes can be created using either brown or white bags, and they make for a fun and simple winter craft project to enjoy with kids. The best part is that you probably already have all the necessary supplies. And if you don’t, you can easily add them to your grocery pick-up list.

Making Paper Bag Snowflakes

Most of the snowflake tutorials I came across used hot glue or liquid school glue. And let me tell you, they were all made by adults. But I wanted my kids to lend a hand in creating these snowflakes as much as possible, so we opted for school glue. However, using liquid glue turned out to be quite a hassle when crafting with kids. The bags kept sliding, and sections that shouldn’t have been glued together ended up sticking. Eventually, we discovered that glue sticks were the way to go when making these snowflakes with kids.

Supplies for Making Paper Bag Snowflakes

To create these enjoyable paper bag snowflakes, you’ll only need a few basic supplies:

  • Paper Lunch Bags
  • Glue (we prefer using glue sticks)
  • Scissors
  • String (for hanging)

How to Create a Brown Paper Bag Snowflake

To get started with this snowflake craft, I gave each kid a glue stick and a stack of brown bags.

Stack the Bags

I instructed them to place one bag on the table with the flap side facing down. Essentially, the top open end of the bag should be at the bottom, closest to them.

Glue the Bags Together

Using their glue sticks, they made a line across the top of the bag stack (which was actually the bottom of the bags, where they were folded) and down the middle of each bag. Then, they took another bag and positioned it on top of the glue, making sure it matched the previous bag’s orientation. They repeated this process until they had eight bags glued together firmly.

Make sure the bags are securely stuck together before proceeding to the next step.

Cut the Snowflake Design

With a pair of scissors, they cut the bags just like they would for paper snowflakes. They began by trimming the end of the bag, giving it either a pointed or rounded shape. Then, they cut small shapes, with triangles being the most common, on both long sides of the bags.

Cutting through multiple layers of paper bags might be challenging for kids, so I ended up doing the cutting for both of mine. However, if you’d like the kids to give it a try, let them begin cutting once you have 3-4 pages glued together. Then, add another 3-4 bags and allow them to finish cutting the remaining bags into the same shape, using the initial cut as a template. Alternatively, your kids can create a cutting template from a single bag, glue all the bags together with the snowflake template on top, and then cut the rest of the bags accordingly.

It’s important to note that I don’t recommend cutting into the flap part of the bags; just cut between the open end of the bags and the line where the flap is.

Opening Your 3-D Paper Bag Snowflake

Once you’ve cut as many shapes as you desire in the bags, grab the top and bottom layers of your stack of brown bags and pull them open. The bags should remain glued together, unfolding like an accordion into a circle.

The first time you open the brown paper bag snowflakes is truly mesmerizing. It’s incredible to see how it all comes together. Now that you’ve admired your design, apply a line of glue to one of the top or bottom bags. Then, open the snowflake and stick the glued sides together to ensure it remains open. I personally pressed my hands inside the bags, firmly pressing them together to ensure a secure bond.

Hanging a Paper Bag Snowflake

It’s time to add a ribbon, string, or twine to hang your paper bag snowflakes. The easiest way I found to attach the string is to fold down one of the points of the snowflake and make a small cut with scissors. Then, fold the point back up, creating a hole in the top point of the snowflake for threading the string. Tie the ends of the string together to form a large loop, and you’re ready to hang your snowflakes.

I hope you had a blast creating these kid-friendly brown paper bag snowflakes and that you adore your charming winter decorations.

What to Do with Paper Bag Snowflakes

There are endless possibilities for incorporating these paper bag snowflakes into your activities. Not only are they perfect decorations for Christmas, but they also add a delightful touch to the entire winter season.

Party Backdrop

Use these snowflakes as an awesome photo backdrop or party decorations.

Affordable Classroom Décor

Purchase a couple of packs of paper bags and have each student in your class make a snowflake or two. It will transform your classroom into a winter wonderland.

Home Decoration

I love decorating my home with these 3-D paper bag snowflakes during Christmas and throughout the winter months. In previous years, I’ve hung them above the kitchen sink and above the piano.

Front Door Wreath

If you have a storm door that can protect your wreath from the elements, one of these snowflakes can make a fun and unique winter wreath for your front door.

Christmas Tree Star

Create a snowflake in the shape of a star and use it as a beautiful topper for your Christmas tree.

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