Construction Paper Christmas Crafts

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Construction paper Christmas crafts are wonderful crafts to make with your children. You can create some DIY Christmas ornaments, suncatchers, or paper chains to decorate your home for the holidays. Making fun Christmas crafts with construction paper will also keep kids entertained while you’re busy preparing for the holidays.

construction paper Christmas crafts

Construction Paper Christmas Crafts

To make the construction paper Christmas crafts you’ll need some simple materials such as construction paper, a hole punch, glitter glue, and black markers. Keep the craft supplies in a box or bag so you can easily pull them out as needed.

You’ll have all the supplies ready when your kids are asking for some fun Christmas crafts with construction paper.

Construction Paper Crafts Supplies

Here’s a list of some supplies you might want to consider having on hand for fun construction paper crafts.

  • Colored construction paper
  • Colorful copy paper
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Christmas wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue or glue sticks
  • Hole punch
  • Star punch
  • Paper plates
  • Beads, buttons, glitter, ribbon, stickers, googly eyes, etc.
  • Clothes pins
  • Yarn

Easy Construction Paper Christmas Crafts

Nothing is better on a cold afternoon than giving your children some fun Christmas crafts with construction paper to complete. You can make Christmas cards, candy canes, or a star Christmas tree ornament.

Just make sure you have some simple craft supplies available. And you and your kids can make some amazing holiday decorations to hang in your living room.

So read on to check out all the construction paper Christmas crafts you and your family can make on a cold winter night.

Paper Christmas Tree Crafts

These easy Christmas tree crafts make wonderful gifts for grandparents or keepsakes to hold onto for years. Everyone will enjoy these paper trees that feature your children.

tree picture frame

Construction Paper Christmas Tree

This keepsake Christmas tree frames a picture of your child. You’ll need a toilet paper roll to ensure the tree stands upright on your table!

construction paper Christmas tree card

Construction Paper Tree Card

If you want to send a unique Christmas card to your family and friends, check out this kid photo Christmas tree card. You’ll need some green construction paper and a picture of your child, but you’ll end up with a fabulous keepsake to enjoy.

3D Christmas Trees

It’s easy to make a flat Christmas tree. But if you’re looking for a great way to keep your kids busy, then try making a 3D Christmas tree instead!

3D Christmas tree

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree

A fun way to keep your younger children entertained on a cold winter afternoon is to make a cardboard tube Christmas tree. It’s a fun project that will help to get your kids into the holiday spirit.

3D construction paper Christmas tree

3D Construction Paper Christmas Tree

Another easy Christmas tree craft is to use a free printable template, some cardstock paper, and a glue stick to create your 3D paper Christmas tree.

Nativity Craft With Construction Paper

A fun way to remind your kids of the reason for the Christmas season is to make a Nativity suncatcher craft. Kids of any age will adore making this simple Christmas craft to hang in the window.

Paper Candy Canes

What’s better than making paper candy canes to decorate your house during the holiday season? You’ll just need some white paper and colored markers to make these quick and easy candy canes.

You’ll need some bicolored paper or glue sheets of red and white construction paper together. Then use the paper to make some fun candy canes to distribute around your house.

Christmas Paper Chain

Paper chains are a fun craft to put together with your kids. Use different colors of paper to make the paper chain. You can then hang it at the top of the tree or along the ceiling of your living room.

construction paper Christmas paper chain

Christmas Paper Chains

This adorable Christmas paper chain features Santa Claus and his red hat, Rudolph and his red nose, and a fun elf. This fun activity will keep all your family members busy!

Another fun paper chain Christmas craft to make during family time is this paper chain. You will be making Santa, a snowman, and a Christmas tree. Cut a couple of strips of paper with a pair of scissors and you’ll be ready to get started!

Grinch Gingerbread Man Construction Paper Crafts

construction paper Grinch gingerbread man

Construction Paper Grinch Gingerbread Man

Another cool idea for an amazing craft you can create with your entire family is a Grinch Gingerbread Man. You’ll get a free printable template to use to get your family started. It’s the perfect way to have a great time as a family.

Torn Construction Paper Crafts

Torn construction paper crafts involve tearing up a sheet of paper to decorate the craft. These unique Christmas crafts will keep everyone busy.

Grab some yellow and brown construction paper to make a torn paper manger craft. Kids of all ages will love seeing the baby Jesus sleeping in the manger.

This Christmas tree uses simple materials such as brown and green construction paper, a hot glue gun, and pom poms to create a little tree. Don’t forget to put a gold star at the top of the tree when you’ve finished.

Construction Paper Christmas Crafts

Some other construction paper Christmas crafts to make feature Father Christmas, reindeer, and elves. Make sure you stock up on plenty of colorful paper before you begin completing these fun Christmas activities.

After all, these fun Christmas crafts with construction are a fun way to improve your children’s fine motor skills while keeping them busy on a cold day.

Christmas Reindeer Card

You’ll love these adorable Christmas cards made into reindeers with construction paper!

Christmas reindeer card craft

Christmas Reindeer Card

Use a free template to create some adorable Christmas reindeer cards. They’re an amazing craft to make to send to grandparents, teachers, and friends.

Looped Paper Christmas Tree

You’ll need green paper, a yellow star, and some decorations to make this easy Christmas craft. Just start looping the green paper and soon, you’ll have an incredible looped paper Christmas tree to decorate your home.

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Construction Paper Quilled Christmas Tree Craft

This beautiful paper quilled Christmas tree is a fantastic craft project to make with your older kids. You’ll start with a Christmas tree shape and quill some paper. Your kids will be able to make an incredible Christmas card to send to family and friends.

Gingerbread House Construction Paper Craft

This is a great non-messy way to make a gingerbread house using construction paper!

gingerbread house craft with construction paper

Paper Gingerbread House

The perfect way to celebrate Christmas is by making a cute paper gingerbread house. You won’t need to worry about trying to get the walls to stand upright or wait for the icing to dry. The best part is that you can spend some quality time with your kids putting it together.

Father Christmas Construction Paper Craft

father Christmas construction paper craft

Father Christmas Paper Craft

Do you love Father Christmas? Then spend your spare time making this amazing Father Christmas construction paper craft to surprise your kids on Christmas morning. If you add a popsicle stick, you can turn Father Christmas into a puppet!

Construction Paper Santa Craft

Some more fun Christmas activities are to make construction paper Santas. They’re super easy and some even come with a free template. This easy paper Santa craft is an easy craft to do with kids.

Another option is to make this Christmas Santa Claus using construction paper and cotton balls. Even toddlers will adore gluing the cotton balls onto Santa’s face to form the beard.

Construction Paper Elf Craft

A cute construction paper craft to make is a paper elf craft for kids. It even comes with a free template. The elves are adorable. You’ll only need some construction paper, pom poms, and crayons.

Handprint Reindeer Craft

construction paper handprint reindeer craft

Paper Handprint Craft

Don’t forget to create this amazing handprint reindeer craft. Give it to your children’s grandparents as it will become a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Simple Christmas Tree Construction Paper Craft

Make an adorable Christmas tree from construction paper and cover it with snow paint. Kids of all ages will love following these step-by-step instructions to create the simple craft.

Another fun and simple paper Christmas tree to make is to use large and small triangles cut from construction paper to create a Christmas tree. Be sure to decorate the tree with all sorts of classic Christmas ornaments cut from paper.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Construction Paper

Nothing is better than making a construction paper ugly Christmas sweater craft with your kids. Challenge each other to see who can make the ugliest sweater to hang in the house. It’s a craft that everyone will have a fabulous time putting together!

Construction Paper Angels

handprint angel Christmas card with construction paper

Construction Paper Angels

These construction paper angels are the perfect addition to your holiday plans. You can make a handprint angel Christmas card to give to family and friends. It will be treasured for years.

You can also put together some simple folded paper angels. They’re a great addition to any home and will delight everyone, both young and old.

Construction Paper Bunting Craft

construction paper bunting craft

Paper Bunting

Don’t forget to hang a paper bunting in your home. This fun Christmas craft made with construction paper will add a bit of glitter to your home once you’ve let your children decorate the bunting to their hearts’ content.

Christmas Crafts Using Construction Paper

The best part of construction paper Christmas crafts is that you can make a wide range of crafts using common supplies. They’re a great addition to any holiday party and the perfect way to keep kids entertained.

Just follow the simple steps and you’ll be able to make some fun Christmas crafts with construction paper. Plus, you can plan all your DIY Christmas ornaments around a color scheme to ensure everything matches.

Gnome Craft Using Construction Paper

Make a cute paper plate Christmas craft into a gnome using construction paper with it!

construction paper gnome craft

Paper Plate Gnome Craft

This simple paper plate Gnome craft for preschoolers is a great craft to pull out of your hat when you’re dealing with bored kids. Just keep a bunch of paper plates, red construction paper, glue, and pom poms in your house and you’re ready to go. You won’t need to worry about whiny kids in December.

Paper Plate and Construction Paper Rudolph Craft for Kids

Make a paper plate rudolph using construction paper as well.

Rudoph construction paper craft

Rudolph Craft

This fun Rudolph craft is another marvelous craft that combines paper plates and construction paper. Add some craft or acrylic paint to paint the plate brown, and you’re ready to have fun with your kids.

Construction Paper Snowflake Crafts

Paper snowflakes are great crafts for a cold winter day. You can hang them from your tree, cover them with glitter glue, and tape them to your window. As an added bonus, they only require simple materials like white construction paper to put them together. Even older kids will love tearing paper apart to create an intricate paper snowflake.

Wreaths with Construction Paper

Wreaths made with construction paper are easy and mess-free!

construction paper Minnie Mouse wreath

Minnie Mouse Wreath

Your kids will adore making wreaths from construction paper, especially when they’re able to make a Minnie Mouse wreath that will look fabulous on the window.

Preschoolers will love this easy construction paper wreath that only requires that they glue decorations onto a green construction paper wreath.

Construction Paper Wreath

If you’re looking for a more intricate wreath to create with older kids, check out this fabulous Christmas wreath craft. It’s a fun construction paper craft that looks stupendous hanging on your door. Make sure you have plenty of red and green construction paper as your kids will want to decorate every door in the house with these wreaths.

Suncatcher Christmas Ornaments

Another fun Christmas craft with construction paper is to make suncatcher ornaments to hang on your window. You can concentrate on making some simple suncatcher Christmas ornaments that will sparkle in the sun. But kids of all ages will adore these easy Charlie Brown suncatcher ornaments.

Construction Paper Star Ornaments

Star ornaments made from construction paper are the perfect addition to your holiday decorations. You can fold and twist paper to make a star ornament to hang on your tree each year.

Another option is to make a 3D star construction paper ornament. It’s a great Christmas craft for older kids.

Three-Dimensional Paper Ornaments

It’s easy to make construction paper ornaments into fancy 3D ornaments with this tutorial!

3 D ornaments with construction paper

3D Paper Ornaments

Learn how to make some amazing 3D paper ornaments to hang in your home this year. The instructions are flexible enough that you can start with snowflakes, stars, and trees before moving on to more complicated crafts with older kids.

Fringe Construction Paper Christmas Tree

This is a great project for for cutting practice! Cut and paste worksheets were always my kid’s favorite, but they also loved cutting and pasting construction paper into various things.

Fringe Christmas Tree

Your kids will adore making this fringe Christmas tree. It’s an amazing construction paper craft that looks stupendous but isn’t hard to put together.

Construction Paper Christmas Placemats

These simple placemats made from construction paper

Woven Paper Placemats

Weave yourself a simple woven construction paper placemat to put on the Christmas table. If you have some spare time, then see if you can make enough woven placemats for everyone visiting you at Christmas.

Pattern Christmas Placemat

Another super easy idea for fun placemats to use at Christmas time.

Christmas Pattern Placemat

All you’ll need to make this Christmas pattern placemat is some red and green construction paper, tape, and scissors. It’s a great holiday craft that everyone in your home will enjoy making.

Christmas Activities for Kids

These Christmas activites are easy to do and use simple supplies, like paper plates, construction paper, pom-poms, and other household items.

If you’re looking for some more Christmas craft ideas, then you’ll find some amazing Christmas activities for your kids here. Make a snowman or a reindeer. You’ll find enough activities to keep your kids busy for hours!

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In Conclusion

The best part about construction paper Christmas crafts is that they’re a great activity for kids of all ages. Just keep some black markers, glitter glue, and colorful construction paper in your home. When you have bored kids, just pull out the crafting supplies and let the kids start creating some fun Christmas crafts with construction paper.