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If these walls could talk…

They can with noticeboards! And they can do so much more, as well. Every product we offer is designed to enhance your home’s aesthetic and functionality; good design considers both style and substance. And on the functionality front especially, memo boards top our list of must-haves for an organized home. As for complementing your space perfectly, that largely comes down to how you choose to use them.

5 ways bulletin boards can elevate your space

Taking advantage of vertical space is especially important in smaller homes and apartments, but memo boards and pegboards are truly for everyone—whether your entire apartment is 600 sq ft. or just the second garage. But when the options are so limitless, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Let’s kick the inspiration off with five of our favorite ways to use noticeboards…

Make memo boards the first and last thing you see

No matter how many electronic reminders we set, sometimes a good old-fashioned note is exactly what we need to remember something. And when that note is right by the door when we’re coming and going, it’s a lot harder to miss than a push notification on a screen full of alerts. Memo boards at the door can remind you or family members of countless things, including: appointments and meetings; kids’ games, classes, or events; things that need to be mailed; items or to-dos to ‘not forget’ before leaving; friendly messages of love and support.

Put a peg in it

There’s a good reason pegboards are a popular choice for organizing everything from craft rooms to kitchens to garages—they are brilliant in their simplicity. Thanks to the open design of pegboards, they are endlessly customizable. This makes them a future-proof design solution as well, as things can be easily moved to accommodate new items, or simply provide a fresh look with some rearranging.

Memo boards are moving-friendly

Love to display pictures, cards, ticket stubs, mementos and notes from loved ones, but hate having to carefully take it all down from the wall when you move? Use memo boards as your canvas, and you’ll only have to arrange it once! Remove it from the wall exactly as-is, ready to decorate the walls of your new place in an instant.

Whiteboards and chalkboards encourage creativity

Memo boards serve plenty of practical purposes, but they can also be used just for fun—and give your kids a chance to ‘write on the walls’ without actually writing on the walls! Keep dry erase markers or chalk nearby, and be sure to hang the boards at the appropriate height for each child. Let them know this board is their space to draw, practice their letters, or even share a funny joke with the family.

Bulletin boards can be a whole mood

Kids aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a creative nudge; task yourself with compiling things that inspire or nurture you and keep an ongoing mood board to stay grounded and focused. Remember that inspiration comes in all sizes, so your mood board doesn’t have to be all dream vacation destinations and jewelry. Perhaps you’ll include a napkin from your favorite coffee shop to remind yourself to make time for small pleasures? Or maybe you’re looking to get back into an old hobby, and a past picture of yourself enjoying the hobby will remind you how much you miss it? Whatever it is you want to inspire in yourself, memo boards are up to the task.