Funny and Creative Toilet Paper Holders


Have you ever taken a moment to appreciate the little things in your home? One of those unnoticed yet essential items is the toilet paper holder. While these holders may seem plain and uninteresting at first glance, some people have turned them into extraordinary pieces. In this article, we’ll explore ten of the most creative and funny toilet paper holders that will surely catch your attention.

1. Whimsical “No Peeking” Maid Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Who said a maid’s work is limited to cleaning? This standup toilet tissue holder adds a touch of whimsy to your bathroom. Made of cold cast resin, the “No Peeking” maid holds a spare roll of toilet paper with style. This piece measures 18 1/4 inches tall, 8 1/2 inches wide, and 6 inches deep. Whether placed on the counter or the floor, it’s guaranteed to turn heads.

Funny No Peeking Maid Toilet Paper Roll Holder

2. Playful “Pants Down” Butler Toilet Paper Holder

Another butler with a twist! This standup toilet tissue holder showcases a playful “Pants Down Butler” design. Made of cold cast resin, the butler’s hand holds a single roll, while the plunger on his head accommodates backup rolls. With a height of 41 inches (including the plunger stick), width of 10 inches, and depth of 10 inches, it’s perfect for those with a big bathroom and a sense of humor.

Funny Pants Down Butler Toilet Paper Holder

3. iCarta iPod Stereo Dock and Bath Tissue Holder

For the tech enthusiasts, here’s a unique combination of functionality. The iCarta Toilet Paper Holder not only holds your tissue but also charges and plays music from your iPod. Made of moisture-resistant material, this dock features four stereo speakers and is compatible with all iPods with dock connectors. Though, we advise caution when using it in a steamy shower.

iCarta iPod Stereo Dock and Bath Tissue Holder

4. Versatile Umbra Bathmag Magazine and Double Toilet Paper Holder

Why settle for just a toilet paper holder when you can have more? The Umbra Bathmag combines a magazine rack and double toilet paper holder, providing convenience and efficiency. Made of brushed nickel, this innovative design mounts easily to your bathroom wall and enhances your daily bathroom experience.

Umbra Bathmag Magazine and Double Toilet Paper Holder

5. A Challenging Toilet Paper Puzzle

Ready for a fun prank? The “DON’T P ME OFF TOILET PAPER HOLDER” is here to add excitement to your bathroom routine. It’s a wooden case that conceals a standard toilet paper roll, leaving just one sheet hanging. To access the rest of the roll, you’ll have to solve the puzzle. This unique and amusing party gift will surely keep your guests entertained.

Don't P Me Off Toilet Paper Holder

6. Whimsical Waiter Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Is your bathroom missing a touch of elegance? This stand-up waiter toilet tissue holder will bring whimsy to your space. Made of cold cast resin, the waiter holds a spare roll of toilet paper with style. With a height of 17 1/2 inches, width of 10 1/4 inches, and depth of 7 inches, it can be placed on the counter or the floor, becoming an instant conversation starter.

Funny Waiter Toilet Paper Roll Holder

7. Talking TP – The Talking Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Prepare for a surprise every time you visit the bathroom! The Talking TP turns an ordinary trip into a laugh-filled experience. This innovative toilet paper holder allows you to record a message, music, or sound, which plays back automatically whenever the toilet paper “rolls.” It’s a guaranteed way to add some fun to your daily routine.

Talking TP - Talking Toilet Paper Roll Holder

8. The Guardian – Toilet Paper Holder with a Message

Tired of missing toilet paper? The Guardian Toilet Paper Keeper has got you covered. This unique holder features two menacing eyes and a long tongue, effectively warning potential thieves. The tongue also locks the holder to the toilet tank, ensuring that only the key-keeper can move or take it away. Say goodbye to missing toilet paper rolls!

Guardian Toilet Paper Holder

9. WCNotes – Creative Bathroom Inspiration

Ever had a brilliant idea strike while in the bathroom? The WCNotes offers a stylish and fun solution for when inspiration strikes. This design combines a pen holder and toilet paper holder, made of 2mm thick stainless steel with pen-shaped die cuts. Let your creativity flow while attending to nature’s call.

WCNotes - Doodle Your Bathroom Inspiration

10. Toothpaste Tissue Box – A Convincing Illusion

Looking for a unique way to disguise your toilet paper rolls? The Toothpaste Tissue Box provides a clever illusion by resembling tubes of glue and toothpaste. The realistic flip-top screw cap allows easy access to the toilet paper. Leave the lid open for a convincing effect that will surely catch people off guard.

Toothpaste Tissue Box


Who knew that a simple toilet paper holder could be so amusing? These creative and funny designs bring a touch of whimsy and laughter to your bathroom. Whether you prefer a playful butler, a talking toilet paper roll, or an inspiring pen holder, there’s something for everyone. So, why settle for plain and ordinary when your toilet paper holder can be extraordinary? Spice up your bathroom and make it a memorable experience with these unique choices.

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