Innisbrook Wrapping Paper: A Shift in the School Fundraising Market

Why Innisbrook is no longer the leader in school fundraising

What comes to mind when you think of the Christmas wrapping paper fundraiser? In the past, you might have answered Innisbrook. Established in 1982, Innisbrook dominated the market for a long time. But today, things have changed. So, what happened to Innisbrook? Why are they no longer the go-to choice for school fundraisers? Let’s delve into this matter.

The Concept of Gift Wrap Fundraising

Gift wrap fundraising is a popular type of fundraiser that takes place before the holidays. The goal is to sell wrapping paper, gift bags, bows, tags, and other gift wrap accessories. The proceeds from these sales are then used to fulfill a current need of the school. This fundraising method has been around for years and remains extremely popular. Everyone needs gift wrap! And the quality and variety of gift wrap available in fundraising catalogs surpass what can be found in stores. This is one of the reasons why this type of fundraiser has had continued success.

However, wrapping paper fundraising companies must also adapt and evolve to meet current demands if they want to maximize their success. These are the factors that schools consider when choosing a fundraising company.

The Decline of Innisbrook

Thirty years ago, Innisbrook and Sally Foster Wrapping Paper were the dominant players in the wrapping paper fundraising space. However, with the emergence of more competitors offering similar services, their market share began to decline. Schools now had more options to choose from, unlike before when Innisbrook and Sally Foster were the primary choices. Today, Innisbrook no longer focuses on school fundraisers but continues to offer its products online to the general public. As for Sally Foster, they are no longer in business. Meanwhile, a new player has risen to the top.

The Rise of Charleston Wrap

Charleston Wrap now dominates the gift wrap fundraiser market, not by eliminating the competition, but by providing the highest quality and widest selection of unique and exclusive designs and prints. Their success lies in offering top-tier products at reasonable prices.

But it’s not just gift wrap that sets Charleston Wrap apart. They also offer an array of gifts, a feature that was lacking with Innisbrook and Sally Foster. The more options a company provides, the more sales they generate. Charleston Wrap understands this principle and offers a variety of goods to pair with their gift wrap supplies.

Charleston Wrap’s success is also attributed to the following factors:

  • They offer a greater variety of embossed roll options than any other company.
  • All of their wraps are thirty-two square feet or more, ensuring customers get their money’s worth without short rolls.
  • Their ‘Jumbo Rolls’ cost less than industry-standard sizes.
  • They boast the largest selection of accessories in their catalog and online, including unique offerings such as ‘Chalkboard Paper’ and ‘Kraft Paper.’
  • They feature 3D gift wraps, adding an extra touch of design and fun.
  • All of their wrap designs are exclusive and 100% developed in-house.
  • Their expertise lies in fashion, furniture, and retail, giving them insights into current trends and what sells best.

Bonus Tip: To maximize your fundraising efforts, consider pairing your wrapping paper fundraiser with a fun Christmas-themed sale or activity. You could sell hot cocoa packets or even host a gingerbread cookie-making competition!

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