Color Your Own Paper Dolls: A Creative and Educational Activity for Kids

Coloring your own paper dolls opens up a world of possibilities for both pretend play and learning. Let your kids’ imaginations run wild as they design clothing and accessories to personalize these black and white paper dolls.

Fun Occasions to Use These Paper Doll Coloring Pages

  • Unleash Creativity through Storytelling: These free printable paper dolls are perfect for creating captivating stories.
  • Craft Projects for Rainy Days: These coloring pages for kids make excellent craft projects to keep them occupied on rainy days.
  • Teach Basic Anatomy and Fashion: Use the printable dress-up paper dolls to educate young ones about basic anatomy and how to dress their dolls appropriately for different seasons.
  • Not Just for Girls: Paper dolls aren’t limited to girls. The pdf files include a boy paper doll template as well.
  • Perfect as Gifts: Print paper doll sets to give as unique and personalized gifts.
  • Endless Outfit Options: Print multiple sheets of clothes to provide endless outfit choices. If you prefer ready-to-go options, print off the ready-to-go Printable Paper Dolls.

What You Need to Make Paper Dolls for Coloring

To create these doll cutouts, you’ll need the following materials:

  • White cardstock
  • Exacto knife
  • Scissors
  • Paper dolls printable template

I’ve included detailed instructions, cutting guides, and scoring lines in the download, making it easy for you to cut, score, and fold.

How to Make Your Own Printable Paper Dolls:

Step 1: Print and Color

Download the printable black and white paper dolls PDF and print it on 8.5 x 11″ white cardstock (I recommend using Neenah 65# Bright White). Let your kids unleash their creativity and color the dolls before cutting. Coloring before cutting is easier for them, as they won’t have to handle small pieces.

Step 2: Cut

Use scissors or an exacto knife to carefully cut along the edges of the dolls and outfits.

Tip: For extra durability, consider laminating each piece after the kids finish coloring. I personally use this affordable laminator from Scotch, and it works like a charm!

Step 3: Let the Fun Begin!

Arrange the dolls and clothes into separate piles. Now it’s time for endless paper doll activities! Dress your paper dolls with one of the paper outfits. Alternatively, you can add magnet dots or velcro dots to the back of the paper dolls to make them stick together more easily. By using magnets, you can play with them on a cookie sheet or any other magnetic surface.

Color Your Own Printable Paper Dolls

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to play with printable paper dolls:

Paper dolls are not only fun but also offer several educational benefits. They help young children develop their vocabulary and fine motor skills. They are particularly useful for teaching body parts in early learning or foreign language classes and for enhancing life skills. Older kids can also use these paper crafts to improve their coloring and cutting skills.

What’s included with the paper doll cutouts?

In the printable dress-up paper dolls freebie file, you will find a collection of 6 paper dolls, including 3 male and 3 female dolls. The file also includes various colorful outfits, costumes, and swimwear. If you prefer ready-to-go options, you can print off the ready-to-go Printable Paper Dolls.

What ages are printable paper dolls suitable for?

The black and white paper dolls are ideal for kids aged 2-8 or even older. It’s perfectly fine for older kids and grown-ups to participate and have fun alongside the little ones.

What paper weight is best for these paper dolls?

I used 65lb. white cardstock for the paper dolls printable free template. It’s essential to choose a thicker paper than standard computer paper to ensure durability. Additionally, laminating the dolls is recommended for longer use.

How should I store the paper doll cutouts?

To keep the paper dolls organized, store them in a pencil box or a metal lunch box if you have added magnets to them.

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