Snowman Paper Plates

This winter season, we’re packing in as many crafts for kids as we can! Wintertime is a great time of year to stay inside a bit more, keep warm, and make some crafts as a family.

Or maybe, you’re a teacher and you need some fun ideas for those snowy days when the kids can’t go outside for recess.

Either way, kids are going to have a blast making this snowman paper plate craft!

It’s simple and cheap to make, plus we’re giving you a free printable template so it’s super simple for kids to recreate.

Read our tutorial below or watch our step-by-step video that shows exactly how to make this fun kids’ craft! Also, be sure to take a peek at all of our snowman activities for more ideas.

Paper Plate Snowman

paper plate snowman craft image collage with the words paper plate snowman


  • Paper plates
  • Colored cardstock or construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Black marker
  • Snowman paper plate template (enter your email in the form at the end of this post to have the link sent to you)


Download the snowman paper plate template, print it, and cut out the pieces.

Hands holding paper plate snowman craft template

Cut out the snowman’s head from the paper plate by cutting just outside the smallest center circle of the plate.

Hands cutting paper plate smaller

Cut out the snowman’s body by cutting just inside the line where the ridges end.

Place the pink cheeks in the middle of the smaller paper plate, one on each side, and glue in place.

Hands gluing cheeks onto paper plate snowman head

Glue the snowman’s carrot nose in the middle of the two cheeks.

Hands gluing snowman carrot nose onto paper plate snowman

Use the black marker to draw on the snowman’s eyes and mouth.

Hands drawing snowman eyes onto paper plate snowman

Assemble the snowman’s hat by gluing the hat rim to the bottom of the main hat piece.

Hands gluing together snowman hat

Place the completed hat on the snowman’s head and glue in place.

Hands gluing hat onto paper plate snowman

Glue the longest piece of the scarf about an inch below the top of the larger paper plate. Cut off any excess.

Hands gluing scarf onto paper plate snowman

Glue the two circles of black coal just beneath the scarf.

Hands gluing coal piece onto paper plate snowman

Finish the scarf by gluing the two pieces at an angle to the long piece of scarf.

Hands gluing scarf piece onto paper plate snowman

Cut three small (about 1″ slits) in the top middle of the snowman’s body. This will flatten the top out and allow it to lay flat when gluing the two pieces together.

Hands making slit into paper plate with scissors

Glue the snowman’s head onto the snowman’s body.

This snowman craft is super simple and fun for kids to make! We think this cute winter craft is easy enough that you can make it at home, at school, daycare, or the library.

paper plate snowman craft

Snowman Movie Night

If you’re making this snowman craft at home with the kids, we think having a family movie and craft night is a great idea!

You can plan it on the weekend or over winter break so the kids can stay up late.

We’d kick off the night with the paper plate snowman craft. If you have very young children who can’t use scissors yet, be sure to cut out the template pieces ahead of time.

easy snowman craft

We’d also suggest using a pencil to draw on the eyes and smile. Then, when you do the craft, your child can simply trace over your pencil marks with the marker.

Alternatively, you could also use large googly eyes for the snowman. After the craft is done, it’s time to pick the movie!

Frosty the Snowman seems like the obvious choice, but you could also watch Frozen since Olaf is in there too! (BTW, if you love Olaf, you’ll want to make this paper bag Olaf craft or this toilet paper roll Olaf).

snowman paper plate craft

To make this night extra special, we suggest making some themed snacks or desserts to go with it!

We suggest these snowman cookies or these donut snowmen:

These donut snowmen are super cute and may even be a fun activity to make with the kids and deliver to neighbors! We’re certain kids would have so much fun having a night in with the family!

paper plate winter craft

Snowman Activities For Kids

These free printable snowman worksheets are perfect for kids who want to practice their handwriting, letter recognition, and scissor skills. Simply print out the worksheet, and let your child have fun tracing the letters and cutting out the shapes.

Who’s ready for some coloring? These snowman coloring pages are not only enjoyable for kids, but they’re also beneficial! Coloring can help kids to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creative expression. These coloring pages often feature simple designs that are easy for even young children to color.

These snowman do a dot printables for kids are so much fun! They are perfect for helping little ones work on fine motor skills, counting, and letter recognition. The best part is that they are absolutely free! Just print them out and let your child have fun dotting away. These printables are also great for classroom teachers.

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