Tissue Paper Butterflies

This fun paper butterfly craft is a favorite craft for any child. With few supplies and no glue or tape, this easy spring craft is perfect for even the littlest of crafty kids! Something I really love about this paper butterfly craft is that all the colorful butterflies are unique. You can mix and match tissue paper and use all types of pipe cleaners of any color. Gather your supplies, grab your kiddos, get ready for some fun, and go make tissue paper butterflies! They make a beautiful decoration for the spring season.

This simple craft was originally published on April 15, 2016. It is such a fun craft to be able to make adorable butterflies out of sheets of tissue paper so I thought I would republish it here. Spring is a great time to discuss the life cycle of a butterfly and then is a great accompanying craft project for young kids.

Paper Butterflies Spring Craft Tutorial

Butterfly Supplies:

  • Tissue paper (any different colors that you’d like)
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Scissors

How To Make A Tissue Paper Butterfly

Gather all your supplies and grab a seat at your table.

Start with a piece of tissue paper. Unfold your sheets and start cutting rectangles out in various colors. They can be any size you’d like. My tissue paper lengths were about 6 inches across and 12 inches tall. Double over you tissue paper so that each rectangle has 2 sheets of the same color paper making it 2-ply.

Next, take 4 sheets (2 of one color and 2 of a different color) and lay them on top of each other. Pinch the middle of the sheet of paper together in the middle. This makes the butterfly wings.

Once you have your paper pinched together, take a piper cleaner and wrap it around the middle, twisting once or twice at the top of the butterfly.

You can either leave the antenna straight or twist around your finger to make a corkscrew shape. After you have the piper cleaner antenna fixed, fluff our tissue paper wings a bit and you’re done! You have made fun little butterflies that your children will adore!

Butterfly Paper Craft Conclusion

Kids of all ages will enjoy making their own tissue paper butterflies. Do you plan on trying your hand at this fun tissue paper butterfly craft? I’m sure your children will love learning to make paper butterflies for their room or even bathroom. My daughter has hers hanging in her room over her dresser and my son decided to tape his to his closet door. You could even use the paper butterflies to make a butterfly mobile. These fun butterflies are such an easy spring craft and the perfect pop of color for any room!

Do you think you will try this easy spring craft and make paper butterflies with your kids?

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