Toilet Paper Mummy Game

The Halloween Mummy Wrap Game (aka: The Toilet Paper Roll Game or mummified game) is a funny and fun Halloween party game for all ages (especially if you’re looking for kid-friendly games!). They’ll be laughing as a group and having a blast at your party, whether you’re looking for Halloween games for high school students, Halloween games for the classroom, a mummy trunk or treat party, or even church Halloween games!

How To Play The Mummy Wrap Game For Halloween Party

Although this really is a great Halloween game for kids, you can play this any time of the year, for any party theme (definitely include it in your mummy theme party, Halloween activity ideas, or any time you’re looking for toilet paper party games!). It’s a funny party game for teens, tweens, and kids!

If you’re looking for toilet paper wrap game ideas or love wrapping games, add this one! (It’s even fun for play at home mummy for kids on a rainy day!)

How do you play the mummy wrap game?

To play the mummy toilet paper game, you’ll need:

  • Party guests split into teams (each team needs to have one “mummy” player and then at least two mummy wrappers)
  • Packs of white toilet paper (enough used to wrap a mummy for each mummy)
  • Timer
  • Masking tape (optional, it’s more fun to play without it and try to build a mummy with tp only)
  • Obstacle course items (optional, see additional mummy game ideas below)

*Mummy for halloween game: Get full instructions on how to make a mummy game below! Keep reading for more toilet paper mummy wrap game ideas and tissue rolls game rules!

In case you’ve never heard of the mummy game with toilet paper (aka: roll the toilet paper game or tissue paper game)…

What is the toilet paper mummy game?

The mummy toilet paper game is a mummy relay race where each team races to wrap their mummy the fastest. Some people also play the mummy game where they have the mummy do things while wrapped, like having mummies race across the yard or try to do an obstacle course. Definitely add this to your Halloween mummy games list! It’s a hysterical game to play (and watch!).

If you’re looking for games with toilet paper rolls (any time of year), this is a great game (not just for mummy Halloween games / Halloween activities)!

DIY Wrap The Mummy Game Basics

How long does a mummy wrap game take?

The toilet paper mummy Halloween game can take anywhere from 2 minutes and up, depending on how you decide to play the game. Some people play the game with a timer and some people play the mummy toilet paper games for parties as the team who finishes the mummy first. The toilet paper roll mummy game can be adapted any way you want to play!

(See the mummy game toilet paper rules below and more mummy wrapping game ideas!)


How do you wrap the saran wrap game? (Just wrap it to look like a mummy on the outside, with Halloween colors, or to match the theme of your party to go with other mummification games!)

How do you make a mummy game?

DIY Mummy Wrap Game Rules:

  1. Split guests into teams, with at least three guests on a team.
  2. Have each team choose someone who will be wrapped as the mummy and the others will be the mummy wrapper people.
  3. Give each team at least 3 rolls of toilet paper. (See below for how much you toiled paper you need for this wrapping mummies game.)
  4. Set a timer for two minutes. On GO! Each team tries to wrap their mummy completely before time is up. (Be sure to have them wrap the head, but leave an opening for their face!)
  5. Winner is the team who best wraps the mummy before time is up. (Don’t forget to snap pics of all your toilet paper mummies!)

*See additional ways to play the mummy wrap off game below, especially if you have older kids!

PRO PARTY TIP: You can use this same process to make toilet paper costumes for Halloween parties or trick or treating!


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How much toilet paper do you need for the mummy wrap game?

Plan on anywhere from 3-5 big rolls of toilet paper for the mummy wrap game. How much toilet paper you will need for the wrap game with mummies will depend on several factors like:

  • How many teams you have (how many mummy volunteers you have)
  • How tall the kids are (you will need less toilet paper for 6 year olds and more toilet paper for older kids / taller kids or adults)
  • Which mummy game rules you follow
  • How many times you play the toilet wrap game

So, take those into consideration when buying party supplies (aka: toiletpaper) for playing the games.

MUMMY WRAP GAME FOR KIDS FUN HALLOWEEN GAMES caucasian tween boy wrapped like a toilet paper mummy with white Halloween paint on his face

Alternative Mummy Wrap Game Ideas

More Halloween games mummy wrap toilet paper ideas:

  • Use cheap toilet paper from a dollar store. (Recycle the toilet paper in your recycling bin after planning the game!).
  • Want to make the mummy game more challenging? Ditch the timer and make a rule that they have to wrap their mummy carefully. If they break toilet paper in the process, they have to unwrap the mummy and start all over! (using the same toilet paper!). Great for challenge Halloween teen games and tween party games.
  • Alternate game play mummy challenge: Blindfold the mummy wrappers and set a timer for 5 minutes instead. (You can get a multi-pack of super cheap blindfolds here.) The wrap players have to create a mummy without looking. (Adds another level of difficulty to the game mummy wrap and creates a new mummy wrapping contest.)
  • Alternate game play: Set up a Halloween mummy obstacle course or minute to win it games that the mummy and team have to complete once the mummy is wrapped. Make different mummy wrap games at different challenge stations. (Like, once station the whole team has to perform a halloween dance game, at another station the mummy has to complete the eat the doughnut game, then play freeze dance halloween, then do a mummy sack race, etc. Use your imagination!). It adds a little extra fun to a mummy race Halloween game or trunk or treat mummy party!
  • If you don’t want to use toilet paper, try an alternate mummy wrap material like these cheap black alternatives (that you may already have for Halloween decorations!).
  • After you wrap a mummy, you can even play an unwrap the mummy game and see who can unwrap their mummy the fastest without ripping or tearing the paper for more toilet paper party game ideas!

PRO PARTY TIP: These are even fun for toilet paper games for adults! If you’re having a Halloween party for adults, you’ll still have fun with this mummy making game / adult party game or even for Halloween office games! (Yes, you can have fun with toilet paper!)

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Have you played these party games with toilet paper (the toilet paper mummy craft build)? Tag us in your toilet paper roll mummies pictures!

Happy Halloween! Enjoy the Halloween mummy game!

Have fun with the Halloween Mummy Wrap Game!