Book Wrapping Paper

Are you searching for the finest designs in book wrapping paper to wrap gifts for your bookish friend? Look no further! There’s nothing more enjoyable than giving book-themed gifts wrapped in book-themed paper. So, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect design, check out these delightful book-themed wrapping papers!

1. Classic Books Wrapping Paper

Classic Books Wrapping Paper

When it comes to literary wrapping paper, the Classic Books Wrapping Paper is an excellent choice! This beautiful wrapping paper is adorned with charming illustrations of stacks of classic books. Included in the design are works from renowned authors such as Jane Austen, the Brontë sisters, Shakespeare, and Charles Dickens. It’s the ideal wrapping paper to use for any book lover’s gift!

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2. It Might Be A Book Wrapping Paper

It Might Be A Book Wrapping Paper

Do you know a bookworm who eagerly opens every gift, thinking “It might be a book!”? If so, the It Might Be A Book Wrapping Paper is exactly what you need to wrap their birthday or Christmas presents this year. This humorous book wrap is bound to make any book lover burst into laughter upon unwrapping. It comes in 24″ x 30″ sheets, shipped rolled to ensure crease-free wrapping paper. Stock up on this delightful wrapping paper so you can use it for all the book lovers in your life!

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3. Book Gift Wrap

Book Gift Wrap

Another option you might fancy is the Book Gift Wrap! This wrapping paper showcases various colorful book illustrations, sure to make a striking wrapping for any gift you give. Each pack includes 3 sheets of wrapping paper, providing you with plenty to wrap both small and large gifts!

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4. Cat Bookshelf Gift Wrap

Cat Bookshelf Gift Wrap

If you’re looking for bookshelf-inspired wrapping paper, the Cat Bookshelf Gift Wrap is perfect for book and cat lovers alike! It features a delightful pattern of book-filled shelves accompanied by charming cats. This wrapping paper combines the best elements of life, making it an excellent choice when you want the packaging to be as special as the gift inside!

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5. Literary Wrapping Paper

Literary Wrapping Paper

When searching for book-printed wrapping paper, the Literary Wrapping Paper is another fantastic option to meet all your gift wrap needs. This fun wrapping paper showcases illustrations of classic books, children’s books, fantasy books, and more, all printed on crisp, white paper. Moreover, for every sheet of gift wrap you purchase, the shop provides you with a gift tag, ensuring you have everything you need to wrap delightful bookish gifts!

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6. Vintage Book Wrapping Sheets

Vintage Book Wrapping Sheets

If you’re gifting second-hand books or presenting a gift to someone who appreciates vintage and second-hand items, the Vintage Book Wrapping Sheets are among the best book wrapping papers you can choose. These wrapping sheets showcase various open and stacked books, accompanied by a quote from Virginia Woolf: “Second-hand books are wild books, homeless books; they have come together in vast flocks of variegated feathers and have a charm which the domesticated volumes of the library lack.” Each pack includes 5 sheets, providing ample material for wrapping larger gifts!

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7. Library Books Wrapping Paper

Library Books Wrapping Paper

In search of more abstract yet bookish gift wrap? The Library Books Wrapping Paper is precisely what you need! This vibrant wrapping paper showcases a delightful pattern of colorful books, available in various sizes depending on your wrapping paper needs. It can be shipped folded or rolled, according to your preference.

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8. Harry Potter Wizard Wrapping Paper

Harry Potter Wizard Wrapping Paper

Another option when considering bookish wrapping paper is to choose a design themed around the recipient’s favorite book. For instance, if you know someone who loves Harry Potter, the Harry Potter Wizard Wrapping Paper is an excellent choice. This gift wrapping paper features various images from the wizarding world, including the sorting hat, Harry’s glasses, and potions. Additionally, it comes in a variety of sizes, ensuring it fits all your gift wrapping needs.

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9. Classical Literature Gift Wrap

Classical Literature Gift Wrap

Are you fond of the aesthetic of old classic books? If so, you must add the Classical Literature Gift Wrap to your collection! This gift wrap showcases antique-looking classical books with subtle gold accents, elevating the appearance of your gifts. It’s a unique wrapping paper that any bookworm is sure to appreciate.

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10. Book Pattern Wrapping Sheets

Book Pattern Wrapping Sheets

Looking for a more casual gift wrap look? The Book Pattern Wrapping Sheets might be exactly what you’re looking for! This set includes 5 sheets of wrapping paper with an open book outline design printed on a brown craft effect background. These sheets are perfect for wrapping small to medium-sized gifts, whether they are books or other book-related items!

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11. Alice In Wonderland Wrapping Paper

Alice In Wonderland Wrapping Paper

Bookworms will undoubtedly enjoy this book-specific gift wrap inspired by Alice in Wonderland – the Alice In Wonderland Wrapping Paper! Adorned with beautiful illustrations inspired by the classic book, including a “Drink Me” bottle, a tea cup, the Mad Hatter’s Hat, and the Cheshire Cat’s grin, this wrapping paper will create stunningly wrapped gifts for any occasion.

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12. Pride and Prejudice Map Wrapping Paper

Pride and Prejudice Map Wrapping Paper

In need of wrapping paper for a gift for Jane Austen fans? Look no further than the Pride and Prejudice Map Wrapping Paper! This wrapping paper features illustrations of all the major locations mentioned in Pride and Prejudice. It’s available in your choice of white, blue, green, or pink background colors. Furthermore, it comes in various sizes, ensuring you have the perfect amount of wrapping paper for any gift!

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13. Bookshelf Wrapping Paper

Bookshelf Wrapping Paper

Lastly, if you’re in search of another bookshelf-inspired wrapping paper design, the Bookshelf Wrapping Paper is a fun and unique choice! This wrapping paper features a watercolor illustration that was originally hand-painted and later digitally printed onto the paper. For bookworms who can’t get enough of books and bookshelves, this wrapping paper is an excellent option!

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