Laser Cutter For Paper

Enterprise-Grade Paper Laser Engraving Machines by Thunder Laser USA

close up view of laser cutting paper samplePaper products come in thousands of forms and variations and are used across a wide range of industries. For businesses that manufacture customized paper products for fellow manufacturers or retailers, having the ability to create variations of what you’re creating right now can be the key to increasing your revenue.

Whether your company is creating scrapbooking supplies, greeting cards or any other paperboard products, Thunder Laser USA is ready to help you find the best laser cutters for your needs. The laser cut provides precise edges that give products a professional appearance and keep clients coming back to your company. The CNC technology ensures you’re able to produce multiple replications of the same item to provide consistency for your customers.

Thunder Laser USA gives businesses the technology they need to become more versatile in their production processes without having to sacrifice quality or efficiency. There are so many opportunities to innovate and create with paper, so finding the proper equipment to get projects done with quality is imperative. Whether you need to engrave paper or cut designs, a CO2 laser cutter from Thunder Laser can get the job done for you.

Laser cutting and engraving machines contribute to these efforts to produce consistent products and high-precision cuts. If you’re a business owner or representative of a small business or mid-sized company that’s getting ready to scale up production, you’ll find a helpful partner in Thunder Laser USA.

How Do Laser Paper Cutting Machines Work?

Our line of laser cutting machines uses extremely efficient CO2 lasers to transform an average sheet of paper into something creative and valuable to your customers. The laser marking enables you to ensure the design is positioned properly throughout the project. The precise cutting process produces crisp edges in the design.

We use a combination of compressed gases (carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen and helium) to produce a high-intensity laser beam that can cut through different materials like plastic, glass, acrylic, fabric and MDF. Besides these non-metal materials, our high-power laser can cut through metals, including stainless steel.

This laser can cut through paper as well — except when you calibrate its intensity to simply mark and not penetrate a paper sheet or ready-made product made from cellulose fibers. This laser engraving cutting machine can produce an etched effect on the paper, something that typically isn’t possible with hand marking.

The laser passes through the laser head, which in turn is computer-controlled to trace a preprogrammed design. The laser head moves rapidly over the laser machine’s workbed, cutting, etching or tracing a design onto the paper sheet or products laid out below it.

This produces a consistent design time and time again so you can make thousands of the same products to please your customers. The consistency also means you can produce the same design on different products. Even some DIY small businesses can appreciate the ease and consistency Thunder Laser machines offer. Our team works closely with each of our customers to ensure they get the right machine and understand how it works.

Paper Products You Can Create with a Thunder Laser USA Laser Cutter

Invitation card made from paper laser cutting machineWe have six models of laser cutting and engraving machines, each one designed to accommodate different needs in production volume, equipment dimensions, output quality and production speed. We can discuss your company’s needs and help you choose the machine that can meet them.

Each is capable of high-speed etching, cutting and marking, while certain models are made specifically for bulk production. Working with our team ensures you’ll choose the right laser system to meet your company’s unique needs. If you have multiple projects to complete, we can help you find a combination of machines that can handle those projects.

With these machines, you can explore so many possibilities to improve and expand your current roster of paper products:

  • Customization: Use our laser cutting and etching machines to customize designs for packaging materials like corrugated boxes, product labels, stickers, cup sleeves, paper bags, sandwich boxes and more. They’re also extremely useful for mass-producing branded merchandise such as calendars, customized planners and notebooks, bookmarks, postcards and other marketing giveaways.
  • Craft Production: Artisans can also benefit from a laser cutting machine. Laser cutting doesn’t take away from the value of an item created by an artisan; the artist can still work on items piece by piece and spend as much time as needed in perfecting the execution of a design. A laser machine is only a tool that makes the process easier and faster for creators.
  • Intricate Designs: Intricate designs on paper are difficult to produce by hand without damaging the paper. These designs can take considerable time to etch or cut by hand. A Thunder Laser machine can handle these tasks in a fraction of the time that it takes to do them manually.
  • Complete Working Area: Laser engraving machines from Thunder Laser enable you to utilize the complete working area of the paper. The work area on some other laser cutters has large margins where you can’t place any designs. The larger workspace with our laser engravers and cutters allows your company to offer customers a greater variety of products.
  • 3D Printing Appearance: Pop-up cards are becoming more popular, so being able to offer them can considerably expand your company’s market. The key to these cards is being able to use the die-cutting method, which produces the same appearance as a 3D printer. Thunder Laser cutting machines have the versatility to both cut the paper and add in the etching that completes the look of the design.

The Advantages of Using a Thunder Laser Engraver

The benefits of using laser cutting and etching machines on paper products are clear:

  • High-quality cuts for every project you work on
  • Clean, precise and consistent etchings that make designs stand out
  • Ideal for bulk production with the high-speed process
  • Ease of programming for consistency with every cut

Thunder Laser USA offers you another benefit: affordability. We can build you a paper laser cutting machine that’s specific to your company’s use. You get the functions and additional features that are necessary to your manufacturing process — nothing more, nothing less. With this approach, we offer you a highly efficient laser cutting and etching machine that costs less than half what you’ll find on the market.

You also get the benefit of our top-notch customer service. We build a personal relationship with each customer that chooses us as their laser cutting or etching machine provider. From helping you find the equipment that’s right for your needs to providing you with expert support after your purchase, Thunder Laser USA is here for you.

We stand by our equipment with a two-year warranty that makes it easy to get any issues taken care of. We even cover the lenses and mirrors for 30 days from the date of receipt. You don’t have to worry about anything going wrong when you work with Thunder Laser USA for your laser cutting machine or engraving machine.

With Thunder Laser USA, you can maximize every advantage for your business. Best of all, our products are affordable. We understand you have to balance quality with cost to ensure you’re doing the best thing for your company. When you need a CO2 laser engraving machine, three’s only one company to turn to: Thunder Laser USA.