Crafting Fun: Printable Paper Bag Puppets

Paper bag puppets provide endless entertainment for young children. They’re not only simple and affordable crafts, but they also promote imagination and creativity. All you need are some basic supplies like paper, glue, and scissors. After crafting, watch as your kids put on a puppet show or engage in imaginative play. Explore the cutest brown paper bag crafts below!

Animal-Themed Puppets

Paper Bag Animal Crafts

Get your little ones excited about crafting with this adorable paper bag mouse craft. It’s a captivating activity that will keep them engaged for hours.

Embark on a crafting adventure with an easy-to-make eagle paper bag puppet! Your kids will love creating their own majestic bird friend using simple materials and following the step-by-step guide.

Llamas are undeniably cool, so why not turn a paper bag into a cute llama puppet? Customize it with your child’s favorite color for a truly unique creation!

Craft a brown paper bag tiger using a lunch bag and a few other materials you likely have at home. Kids can easily make these at home or school by following simple steps.

Add a fabulous touch to a farm animal unit study with this cute and easy paper bag pig craft. Download the free template and create it with preschoolers, pre-k, and kindergarten children.

Animal Paper Bag Puppets

Let your little ones roar with joy as they make this easy and fun wolf paper bag puppet. All you need are basic supplies like construction paper, glue, scissors, and a brown paper bag.

Chicks are undeniably one of the cutest animals, making them perfect for a craft project. Try this simple chick paper bag puppet craft, ideal for spring, Easter, or farm themes.

This crab paper bag puppet is perfect for summertime ocean play. It’s quick and easy to make with just a few supplies. Watch as kids bring this little crab to life!

Bring the zoo excitement home by making this cute elephant paper bag puppet craft. Your kids will love it!

Kids adore dogs, so a cute dog paper bag puppet is a must on your crafting list!

Celebrate your child’s zoo birthday or learn about zoo animals with this paper bag puppet lion. It includes an easy-to-follow template for creating this adorable lion puppet.

Easy Animal Paper Bag Craft

Experience the cuddliness of a paper bag koala puppet, a simple and easy Australian animal craft perfect for young kids.

When flowers bloom and the sun shines, there’s no better craft than this cute paper bag butterfly puppet. Download the free template and make it this spring.

Let’s dive into creativity with this customizable octopus paper bag puppet. Use different colored bags and markers to create an underwater world kids will love.

Enjoy the summer season with a fish paper bag puppet. Use it during your summer reading list or an ocean unit study.

Make this lovely little sheep paper bag puppet for Easter, spring, or Sunday School. It’s a simple craft perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten children.

Animal Paper Bag Crafts

Zebras are fun to learn about, and this zebra paper bag puppet craft brings the zoo right into your living room.

Even penguins need cold weather gear! These cute paper bag penguin puppets are perfect for wintertime. Watch kids’ creativity come to life as they enjoy making them!

This sweet polar bear paper bag puppet is absolutely adorable! It perfectly complements an arctic animal study theme.

Embrace the Easter spirit with this paper bag bunny craft. Use bright colors for Easter or natural colors when teaching about rabbits.

Transform a plain brown paper bag into a cute paper bag cat craft using our free template and tutorial. It’s a great craft for preschool and kindergarten children.

Celebrate the fall season with this fun brown paper bag fox craft. Kids will enjoy making it at home or school!

Exploring Different Characters

Paper Bag Crafts for Kids

Get ready for Groundhog Day with this cute groundhog paper bag puppet craft. It’s a delightful way to learn about this adorable and interesting animal.

Snowy owls, known for their white feathers, come to life with this paper bag snowy owl craft. Children can create their own owls using brown paper bags and paper.

Kids will adore making this paper bag owl craft, as it’s both simple and fun. Download the free template and create it at home or in the classroom. It’s an excellent activity for fall months.

Take your preschooler on an ocean adventure with this fun beluga whale puppet craft. With a paper bag, glue, and scissors, they’ll create the perfect puppet for summertime play.

This paper bag humpback whale puppet is a perfect craft for preschoolers who love the ocean.

Engage kids in forest or woodland animal themes with this raccoon paper bag puppet craft. It’s a fun and easy activity!

For a unit on pets or birds, this bird paper bag puppet craft is a great addition. It’s also perfect for preschool or kindergarten classrooms focusing on animals.

Seasonal Crafts

Summer Paper Bag Crafts

Mermaid crafts are quick and easy to make, requiring only a few materials. Create a mermaid paper bag craft in under ten minutes using paper bags, markers, and colored paper!

Add color and summertime fun to your home on Cinco de Mayo with a paper bag cactus craft.

This rocket puppet is perfect for year-round fun! Kids will have a blast making this simple craft.

Christmas Paper Bag Crafts

Bring Frosty to life with this adorable paper bag snowman craft! It’s easy for children to make using our free printable template.

Let your child’s creativity shine with this colorful and jolly elf paper bag craft. It’ll become their new favorite Christmas craft!

Celebrate Xmas with this cute Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer paper bag craft. Kids will have a blast making it!

Looking for a fun Christmas craft? These adorable gingerbread man paper bag puppets are perfect for creative play.

Add a festive touch to your Christmas celebration with this paper bag Santa puppet craft. It’s super fun for kindergarten and elementary children to make at home or school!

Make the Christmas holidays more enjoyable with this paper bag Grinch craft, inspired by Dr. Seuss’ beloved character. Kids will love this craft!

Fall Paper Bag Crafts

This paper bag bat craft is a great way to teach kids about these mysterious creatures. Make and play at home or in school for a spooky adventure!

Engage kids in Thanksgiving activities by making this paper bag pilgrim craft. It’s a fun way to get them involved and excited about the holiday.

Halloween is just around the corner! Make your kids’ Halloween extra spooky with this paper bag ghost craft. It’s easy and encourages pretend play!

Try this craft based on a fall favorite – corn mazes! Use a paper bag and common supplies to create this fun corn craft with ease.

Looking for a cute monster craft? Try this bright and cheery monster paper bag puppet craft!

This paper bag mummy craft is a great way for kids to learn basic shapes and practice fine motor skills. It’s perfect for a rainy day activity!

If your little ones love zombies, they’ll enjoy making this cute paper bag zombie craft. It’s easy to create and even more fun to play with!

Make this cute paper bag Frankenstein puppet to celebrate Halloween with the kids. It’ll become their favorite monster!

Character Paper Bag Puppets

Every Dr. Seuss fan will love making silly Fox in Socks puppets. After reading the classic story, let the children tell their own version with these cute puppets.

If you have a Frozen 2 fan, they’ll enjoy making this simple and cute paper bag Olaf puppet. It’s easy enough for toddlers to join in on the fun!

Kids adore this Pikachu paper bag puppet craft! It’s a great Pokemon-themed activity using just a few supplies.

Celebrate Baby Yoda’s cuteness overload with this easy Baby Yoda paper bag puppet craft.

Pete the Cat fans will love reading the book and making their own Pete the Cat paper bag puppet. Download the free template for a stress-free crafting experience.

Create adorable Minnie and Mickey Mouse paper bag puppets, perfect for Disney fans. Use our free template to make crafting a breeze!

Every kid loves Forky from Toy Story 4, so why not make one on your own? This brown paper bag Forky puppet is simple and great for creative play.

Let your kids go on an adventure with this alien paper bag puppet craft. It’s one of our easiest puppets, making it ideal for young children.

Star Wars Paper Bag Puppets

Looking for a fun Star Wars activity? Try making a Darth Vader paper bag puppet or an adorable Chewbacca paper bag puppet. These easy crafts are perfect for young Star Wars fans and are sure to bring a smile to their faces.

Community Helpers Paper Bag Puppets

Teach kids about community helpers with this doctor paper bag puppet craft. It’s simple, fun, and can be completed in less than an hour. The perfect way to explore what doctors do!

If you have a budding astronaut at home, try this easy and fun astronaut paper bag puppet craft. It’s a great opportunity to learn about astronauts and their incredible work.

This police officer paper bag puppet is an adorable community helpers project for kids. Use it to teach them about the important role police officers play in our communities.

Using Paper Bag Puppets

One of the great benefits of paper bag puppets is their educational value. They offer a range of opportunities for learning and development.

Puppets provide an excellent outlet for children to express themselves and practice sentence formation and storytelling skills. Shy kids can use puppets to boost their confidence and engage in social interaction.

Encourage group activities by having kids collaborate in small groups to put on puppet shows. This fosters creativity, imagination, and teamwork.

These brown paper bag puppets are also great for independent pretend play. Children can spend hours with their new “toys,” exploring various scenarios and engaging in imaginative play.

In addition to fostering creativity, paper bag puppets help develop fine motor skills and encourage expressive communication. They provide a captivating channel for learning and fun.

Our flamingo paper bag puppet craft, for example, promotes fine motor skills and imaginative play in a delightful way.

If you’re looking to engage kids in a world of creativity and fun, our grumpy monkey craft is just the activity you need. It allows children to express their emotions through art.

More Fun Ideas For Kids

Paper Bag Crafts for Kids

In addition to paper bag puppets, there are countless other engaging activities for kids. Explore the world of crafts, games, and educational projects!

Remember, crafting is not only fun but also beneficial for children’s development. So, gather your supplies and let the crafting adventures begin!

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