Paper For Prints: Choosing the Right Quality for Printing Art at Home

I’m thrilled to share with you the game-changing impact that paper can have when it comes to printing art at home. Forget about dropshipping or relying on generic paper from office supply stores. Quality paper can truly transform your prints and even help you save on costs. Let me guide you through the process and help you find the perfect paper for your home printing needs.

Supplies: The Essentials

Before we dive into the different types of paper, let’s make sure you have the necessary supplies:

  • An affordable art-quality printer.
  • Red River Paper.

Epson Premium Presentation Paper MATTE: Not the One

When I first started my quest for the best possible prints, I purchased the highly recommended Epson Premium Presentation Paper MATTE. However, to my disappointment, the prints came out dull and lackluster. It wasn’t the outcome I had hoped for.

Red River Paper: A Heavenly Discovery

Luckily, my search led me to the holy grail of paper suppliers: Red River Paper. If you’ve known me for even a short while, you’re probably aware of my obsession with Red River Paper. This brand has become my go-to for all my printing needs, and trust me, the quality is unparalleled.

Let’s explore three different types of Red River Paper to give you a taste of how your prints can turn out:

60 lb River Linen 2.0: A Touch of Natural Texture

The River Linen 2.0 boasts a beautiful natural texture, almost resembling a canvas material. What sets it apart is that the texture doesn’t compromise the crispness of the print. Even for fine art prints, this paper holds up exceptionally well.

64 lb Aurora White: A Crisp and Versatile Choice

Aurora White comes in different weights and shades, including an ivory-toned “Aurora natural.” The prints on Aurora White turn out sharp and vibrant, much like the River Linen. Whether you prefer a bright white or a more subtle ivory tone, this paper delivers excellent results.

60 lb Canvas White: Texture and Elegance Combined

Similar to the River Linen but with a slightly larger texture, the Canvas White offers a touch of sophistication. While it may be marginally more expensive than the River Linen, the latter is still sufficient for most printing needs.

60 lb Premium Matte Plus: Sleek and Vibrant

If you’re looking for a matte finish that doesn’t compromise on vibrancy, the Premium Matte Plus is an excellent choice. With its brightness and weight of 60 lb, this paper delivers stunning results.

Other Options Worth Exploring

While the Palo Duro Satin and Arctic Polar Satin papers have their merits, they may be better suited for photo printing due to their sheen. If a glossy finish is your preference, these papers will not disappoint. However, if you lean toward a more matte finish, the Red River Paper options mentioned above are your best bet.

In terms of thickness and luxury, the 88 lb Polar Matte Magna stands out. There are various weights available, but the 88 lb version feels exceptionally high quality and is ideal for delivering prints that will impress your customers.

Remember, this is just my personal bias based on my experience. I have a deep love for the River Linen, and recently, I’ve switched to the 88 lb Polar Matte Magna for its luxurious thickness. But in the end, the choice is yours.

Now, you might be wondering why I’m placing so much emphasis on Red River Paper. Well, it’s because it’s simply unbeatable. Trust me when I say that once you experience the quality it offers, you won’t look back. So, run—don’t walk—to get your hands on Red River Paper!

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