Paper Spider Web

Paper spider webs are the perfect DIY Halloween decor! Whether you need to spin a web for the front door or decorate around the party food table, these web decorations are easy to make. And, unlike those stringy tangled webs in the dollar aisle, this black spider web is easy to hang! Let me show you step-by-step how to make a Halloween spider web that is sure to impress even those fancy web-weaving spiders!

I have another fun little paper-cutting project for Halloween parties. In this pumpkin cutting activity with a poem, children listen to a poem following the directions on how to fold and cut a piece of orange paper and when the poem is finished they have made a paper jack-o-lantern. how-to-make-a-paper-spider-web

What is Kirigami

You might not know that this is a Kirigami spider web. Kirigami is not a type of spider, but rather the art of cutting and folding paper into an object.

Paper Spider Web Supplies

  • Black paper (about the weight of copy paper or wrapping paper. I wanted large spider webs so I found a roll of black paper at Michaels. Any size paper will work.
  • Sharp scissors are a must for this project.
  • white marking pencil or chalk

How to make a spider web

If you are a visual learner, you will want to check out this video. It will show you exactly how to cut paper to make a DIY spider web.

Spider Web Instructions

To make this black spider web, start with a square of paper. It can be any size. The bigger the square the larger the web. If you are decorating with more than one spider web, you’ll want to make a few different sizes to catch the eye.


Fold the paper in half making a triangle.


Fold the paper in half again making a smaller triangle.


Cut along the top to square it off.


Use a piece of chalk or white marking pencil to draw the spider web pattern below onto the triangle. I didn’t make a printable since you can make a kirigami spider with any size square of black paper for the paper sheet webs. It doesn’t have to be perfect like those fancy orb webs, we are aiming for the more common house spider web! Tip: The lines can be adjusted to make the web more curved.


With sharp scissors cut out the spider web. If you are crafting with children, they may need a little help with step.


When you unfold the paper you will have a cool spider web, just like spiders spin! This web is so much easier to make than tying strands of yarn or pipe cleaners and I love how neat it looks.


The spider web can be cut in fourths to decorate the corners of your windows. They look spooky and ready to catch prey! Perfect for a haunted house or just getting ready for the neighborhood trick-or-treaters.


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