Storing Paper Bags

bags Daniela Pelazza/Shutterstock

We’re all looking to reduce, reuse and recycle, right? That’s why we hold on to our paper bags, hoping we’ll get a few more uses out of them. But you don’t need to be bombarded by an avalanche of paper bags every time you open your cabinet. Bring some order to that mess with these 10 paper bag storage solutions.

Springs or Bungee Cords

Paper grocery bags can be neatly kept in place with wire extension springs or bungee cords. Screw two cup hooks into the inside of the top of your cabinet door about four inches apart. Place two more below your first set at the bottom of your cabinet door. (First, check to be sure the door is thick enough—you don’t want the cup hook’s screw to poke through to the outside of the door!)

Hook a long spring or bungee cord to your cup hooks from top to bottom on each side. Slide your folded paper bags in between your springs or cords and your bags will stay neatly strapped to the door.

Wire Step File Organizers

Step file organizers aren’t just good for the office. They work great in your kitchen or pantry for paper bag storage. Place a file organizer inside a cabinet and slide your folded paper bags in between the dividers.

Magazine Holder

Magazine holders are already made for holding paper, so they seamlessly transition into paper bag storage. Folded paper bags fit perfectly inside them. You can tuck them into a cabinet, mount them to the outside of your fridge or inside of a cabinet with some Command strips. If you love DIY, make your own wooden storage bins.

Mail Bins

Mail bins are great for paper bag storage because they are made to be mounted. That means you can easily hide your paper bags inside a cabinet or pantry. Your folded paper bags fit neatly in the bin and you can hang keys, dog leashes and light outerwear on the hooks.

Clothing Hangers

Paper bag storage can be solved with a single hanger. Grab a hanger with clips, the kind you use to hang pants and skirts. Use it to hang your paper bags from a hook in your pantry or cabinet or from the rod in a closet.

Plastic Filing Box

If you have a fair amount of paper bags, you might want to consider a plastic filing box. Instead of storing files, you can store your precious paper bags!

Milk Crate

A milk crate is another paper bag storage solution for those who like to keep a lot of paper bags on hand. Keep it in your pantry under your shelving or on top of the cabinets. You can also store your reusable grocery bags in the same crate if you have extra space.

Chip or Binder Clip

Clip and hang a few paper bags with a chip or binder clip. Use a binder clip to hold your bags and hang it from a Command hook in a convenient place. You can also use a magnetic chip clip to hang your bags on the outside of your fridge.

Over-the-Door Organizer

An over-the-door organizer works great for corralling paper bags. Just fold your bags so they don’t stick up too high and get in the way of the door.

Fabric Storage Cubes

You can buy these versatile storage staples at the dollar store and you’ll find uses for them in every room in your house. Keep a fabric storage cube in the kitchen (in a cabinet, pantry or on top of the fridge) for paper bag storage.

Perhaps eliminate paper bag clutter by getting reusable grocery bags!