Remove Toilet Paper Holder

Moen offers a line of bath accessories that helps to create a perfect bath space. One of such accessories is the toilet paper holder.

It seems you are looking to remove the holder out from the wall. Well, that isn’t questionable. Probably the holder is broken, or you want to replace it with a new one.

Whatever the reason is, I got your back.

Generally, you’ll get to see four types of wall-mount toilet paper holders – Pivot, Single Post, Spring-loaded, and Double Post. Each holder has a Mounting Style, which decides the removal process of your holder.

Therefore, it’s necessary to identify the mounting style first as it helps you with the removal process. Let’s discuss what types of mounting styles are available for Moen’s toilet paper holder and how to identify which mount style you own.

Moen Holder’s Mounting Styles

There are four types of Mounting Styles for a Moen bathroom accessory (including toilet paper holder) – Set Screw, EZ 2 Install, Pro-Fit, and Securemount.

Each mount style differs from one another; some use screws while others don’t. This makes the disassembly process different for each style.

Mounting StyleHow it’s Mounted?
Mounting Styles of Moen’s Bathroom Accessories

How to Remove A Moen Toilet Paper Holder from Wall

Once you’re ready with the required tools, it’s time to start the removal process.

Step 1: Prepare for the Removal

First, Gather all the necessary tools mentioned above. Then, remove the toilet paper roll as well as the bar that holds the paper.

Step 2: Identify Holder’s Mounting Style

Take a close look at your toilet paper holder and check the post[s] opening located at the base. If not visible, Use a flashlight to get a better look.

  • If the post[s] holds a set of screws, then it is using Set Screw mounting.
  • If the post[s] hold tabs, then it is using EZ 2 Install mounting.
  • If the post[s] got an opening but no screws in it, then it is using Pro-fit mounting.
  • If the post[s] hold a small tab, then it is using Securemount mounting.

As said earlier, make sure to identify your Holder’s Mounting Style properly as the disassembly process depends on it.

Step 3: Remove the Holder

In this step, you’ll be working to remove the holder. Keep in mind that according to your holder’s mounting style, you have to execute the removal.

For removing screws, keep an Allen wrench, a Phillips screwdriver, and a flat-head screwdriver handy. And use them looking at your screw head type.

Here’s a tip, Use a flashlight to check what type of screws your toilet paper holder is using.

Once you’ve identified the mounting style and screw types, you can begin with the removal process. Here’s what you need to do:

Set Screw Mounting

Take an Allen Wrench, loosen the Allen screws present at the base of the post. If your toilet paper holder uses two posts, you’ll need to remove the screw from both. Once removed, gently lift the holder off from the wall.

EZ 2 Install Mounting

Insert a flathead screwdriver into the base’s opening. The opening of the base consists of tabs located in it that need to be removed. Pull the screwdriver away from the wall to depress the tab. This will release the holder so that you can get it off from the mounting bracket and wall.

Pro-Fit Mounting

You’ll notice a small square opening at the base of the post. Insert a small flathead screwdriver, push it upwards while pulling the post forward to remove the holder off from the wall.

Securemount Mounting

Here the screws are hidden behind a shield. Slide the shield away from the wall to reveal the screws. Then, use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew all screws from the bracket. Once done, pull the holder away from the wall.

By this, You’ve successfully removed your Moen Toilet Paper Holder. If you’re planning to install or replace it with a new one, there are things to consider.

Step 4: Get Your New Holder (If Planning to)

Note that your brand-new fitting must be of the same dimensions to fit into the existing installation point. Otherwise, you’ll have to introduce a new installation point on the wall.

Usually, the fittings come with an installation template. Take the help of that template to figure out where to attach the post[s] (also known as brackets) on your wall.

Step 5: Assemble Your New Toilet Paper Holder

Hold the template steady against the wall.

Now, use a pencil to mark the points where post[s] will go. Also, mark the exact screw locations. These marks ensure the correct drilling point so that you won’t face any alignment issues during the final setup. Once you mark the points, Drill the holes and attach wall anchors. Anchors will ensure the stability of the post[s]. Finally, position and screw the post[s] on the wall.

As the posts are ready, attach the holder’s bar and add your toilet paper.

That’s all, you’re ready to go.

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